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▲ Man sleeping with child (Source = Pixar Bay)

Health Day, a specialist in health and welfare, said that 25% of women who raise newborn babies last less than five hours a day.

The quality of sleep is directly linked to physical health. It is not easy for beginner parents to secure sleeping time. How can you take care of your child while keeping your health and happiness?

"It is important for novice parents to recover from fatigue with only five hours of sleep," said Neil Robinson, sleep expert at UK bed production company. It means to decorate the room before the birth and to sleep together with the child in the space for the first six months.

Why do I have to sleep in the same room as my child?

Robinson said, "If you sleep well with your newborn baby, you can feed your baby without leaving the bed. You can also safely protect your child from dangerous things such as messy toys, playmats, chairs, books, I can face my eyes. "

There is no perfect parent.

Everyone wants to be the best parent to their child. Excessive obsession, however, leads to stress. Being a starter parent can be a series of chaos in the first few months.

Health Day said, "The novice mothers are preparing for three meals a day, taking care of everything they need whenever they need it, and suffering from extreme stress that they have to do housework perfectly."

These stresses can lead to postpartum depression in periods when mood changes due to hormone secretion. You have to realize that you can get rid of the compulsion to be a perfect parent and naturally struggle.

▲ A child with a rubber nipple (Source = Pixie)

You should also abandon the idea that you have to do productive work while your child takes a nap. It can be difficult to ignore dirty laundry or a bowl full of sinks. But sleeping is the first thing. A 20 to 30 minute nap is more than clearing the mind.

However, it is better not to take a nap after 2 or 3 o'clock in the afternoon because it can not be affected by the evening sleep time.

Comfortable sleeping foods

Health Day emphasized that sugar should be avoided for too much food for a good night's sleep. While you may be tempted to eat snacks while caring for your child, these foods only interfere with sleep. Instead, foods containing serotonin, melatonin, and other sleep inducing ingredients should be selected. These foods include cherries, almonds, and bananas.

No caffeine

If you have a child in your home, you will have to take care of your child in the middle of the night. Because of this, you may want to stay awake by drinking coffee. Excessive caffeine intake, however, interferes with sleep.

Health Day recommended tea types such as chamomile rather than coffee. It is also recommended to drink a glass of milk containing tryptophan, the sleep inducing amino acid.

We have to split the night in two.

The National Sleep Foundation presented a way for parents to fall asleep when their child is asleep. It divides work into two. If the couple is raising newborn babies together, think about the two task sharing groups. In other words, if one is awake, another is a way of alternating sleep.

▲ Breastfeeding child (source = Wikimedia Commons)

Tough first months are not forever.

After six months, many children sleep for seven to eight hours at night. Immediately after becoming a starter parent, the hard time that seemed to last forever does not last long. It is good to have your own time if you get out of a hard time. You can listen to music, read your favorite book, go into hot water and take a bubble bath.

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