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There is a six-year-old child who has not been invited to his friends' birthday parties. And this kid 's dad, who tweeted an uninvited chase on Twitter, got the nickname of the best daddy in the world.

Riley's sorrow

Reily, who lives in Newcastle, England, suffers from autism. Riley, who did not have friends, was not invited to the birthday party of other children, which ultimately drove her father, Shane Stephenson.

Stevenson revealed his anger on Twitter. He emphasized that the so-called "friends" did not invite Riley to the birthday party, saying, "It's not leprosy, it's just autism."

Stevenson's wrath of Twitter was spreading rapidly as his wife, Christine, lit up. This tweet, which was posted on the 4th of last month, had more than 600 comments, 7,200 likes, and 2,700 retweets. "Her husband 's message hurts my heart," said Kristin, "and she said,

As Kristin says, autism is a syndrome not only having few words, but also interrelatedness in interpersonal relationships. Sometimes they are immersed in themselves abnormally. The parents of a child with autism experience a lot of chest pain when they experience things they do not like, like the Stephenson couple. How can I understand and give autism?

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The National Institute of Mental Health in the United States has listed the typical characteristics of people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), also known as Autism, as follows:

1. Current social problems that have difficulties in communicating or interacting with others

2. Repetitive behavior, limited interests and activities

3. Symptoms that are recognized during the first two years

4. Symptoms that impair the ability of an individual to demonstrate socially competence, such as school, work, or other living areas

Understanding Autism

In relation to autism, sociologists and psychologists have released a four-step guide to help parents better understand and care for autism.

1. Knowing Autism - It is important to first understand the autism that your child is experiencing. It is important to learn enough information about autism and to be able to make informed decisions at all times.

2. Your child's specialist-You should be able to observe in depth the various elements that affect your child or cause specific emotions and physical reactions. This helps prevent situations where difficulties can arise and helps solve problems.

3. Accepting - Do not take the child as it is and focus on what the child missed. Most importantly, a child needs unconditional love.

4. Do not give up - It is very important for a child with autism to develop and develop his or her abilities and skills while living a lifetime. You should be able to demonstrate your child's abilities without giving up as a parent.

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Autism Eye Care

If you have a knowledgeable background and are able to take good care of your child, you should move on to helping your child in a realistic situation.

1. Ensure structure and stability

It is a good idea to have a specific place in your home so that your child can rest and feel safe. This place will serve as a "safe haven for the family" to the child.

2. Non-verbal connection method

It is important not to be embarrassed and to improve comprehension when your child is angry or emotional. Instead of being angry or arguing, you should be sensitive to your child's feelings and behaviors and communicate appropriately.

3. Customized Autism Treatment Plan

It is essential to establish a treatment plan for your child. However, several factors such as the following should be considered.

Plans based on your child's interests

▲ Set up a 'predictable schedule'

Present with a series of simple, simple steps

▲ Let your child do 'highly structured activities'

▲ Suggested regular action reinforcement

4. Find help and support

Finding a variety of ASD support groups and empathizing with them is also a great strength. Experts also advise that not only counseling but also hiring a temporary caregiver, sometimes giving yourself a break, and finding time to recharge are also important to parents. It provides appropriate compensation and rest for oneself, and it helps to treat and manage the child.

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