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One thing that is indispensable for New Year's resolutions is exercise. It is common to end in three days, but after half of the year, let's catch our mind again. If you do not have enough time to care for your child, I recommend visiting the fitness center with your child.

Exercise and spend time with your child.

Spending time with kids in a gym like a fitness center is like one and two. Because I can spend time with my child while exercising. One of the benefits of spending time with your child is that it helps your child's health.

Keith McNeiben, the national wrestling champion and runner of the Peace Center, explained that exercising with children plays a very important role in strengthening the bond.

Let me think of exercise as play.

As the children grow, their bodies change. The best way to maintain health in these changes is to make exercise regular from early age.

In this regard, Brett Clarke, co-founder and enrichment and conditioning specialist for Spider-Pitt Kids, advised children aged 5 to 6 years after birth to get used to child-friendly athletic equipment such as the ball and hula hoop. At this time, it is good to let you play without any structure or rule.

And then, when you are 7 to 8 years old, it is better to combine more technical activities and exercise properly. It is better to exercise with a certain amount of weight, such as a medicin ball (heavy ball for sports) or a heavy backpack Is effective. In this period, starting a more challenging workout helps strengthen the body. However, injuries should be avoided. It is desirable to choose a weight-appropriate tool so that it can teach the appropriate form of exercise, rather than making the child unconditionally weightier.

When I asked about the feeling about exercise

When you exercise with your child, you should always have a positive workout experience that is fun and enjoyable. It is a good idea to avoid embarrassing or violent children, and encourage them to do it more often if they feel that their child is enjoying a workout with their parents. It is forbidden to force it not to.

Children aged to some age can teach a workout that helps the cardiovascular system. If you are younger, do activities such as skipping, running, throwing, kicking, rolling, and jumping.

What if you can not go to the gym? Enjoy it simply

It is not that I can not exercise because I am too busy or because I can not afford to go to the gym for other reasons. Of course, using professional fitness equipment can help burn calories, but if you do not, you can still have fun with your kids with simple exercise. Here are a few.

1 Walking before and after dinner : If you take a walk before or after dinner, you can spend more time with your child. Walking is not an exercise that requires a specific skill, so it is the most appropriate activity to walk and talk with your child with ease. Especially if your child is a teenager, it is a good idea to strengthen your sense of community by constant dialogue through walking.

2 Trampoline: It is not a workout activity but a play that children like very much. If you are a young child, you can get a buggy walk, which can lead you to have fun with your trampoline. If you have one trampoline, the children can enjoy this play for hours. Or it is a good idea to spend time visiting the park or place where the trampoline is installed. Twice a week is most appropriate.

3 Sports in the backyard: If you have a yard, you can relax and play with your children. Parents can also lose pressure and stress from work, and enjoy playing catch balls, basketball and kick balls with their kids.

4 Make a fitness competition

Children like activities that cause competition. By transforming fitness into a game format, we encourage children to participate. But losing a contest does not necessarily mean disadvantage. If you just add a few additional exercises or perform certain exercises, your competitiveness will become more active.

4 I use YouTube to humbly: If you are a child who is only in the Internet all day, it is a good idea to enjoy the exercise and bond with your child through internet video. Let's try to work together while watching an interesting and funny workout video on YouTube.

Eventually everything is balanced

One of the most important factors in life is balance. The responsibility for caring for children is also the same. If you do not spend time with your child on an excuse of busy schedules, this is nothing more than breaking the balance between child care and work. Here, exercise can play a key role. Let's live a balanced life by raising a child while exercising with children and maintaining their health and child's health.

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