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[Parenting] Heartless sea spider, oxygen supply with intestinal motility

Photo Source: Wikimedia

Animals have various anatomical structures. Some animals have the same structure, and some have more or fewer body structures.

Sea spiders give fear to humans. This marine creature is from Cambrian, at least 500 million years ago, and is also known as a prehistoric monster.

But scientists and non-scientists are interested in the fact that sea spiders are not long-standing creatures. The sea spider has a very small body, because it has no heart.

Arthur Woods, a biologist at the University of Montana in the United States, has announced in his journal Current Biology that the sea spider will transfer oxygen to the intestinal tract instead of regular heart exercise.

He theorized that the sea spider spreads oxygen throughout the body through intestinal peristalsis. Peristaltic motion is a movement in which the muscles of the barriers contract and move. It is because the sea spider has no body cavity. This moved oxygen immediately enters the bridge.

To test the theory, the researchers collected 12 species of sea spiders. And we observed in three ways how oxygen passes through the abdomen and legs.

In the first experiment, a fluorescent dye was injected into the spider, and the researchers observed the circulation of the dye. Next, the change in oxygen concentration was measured using an electrode inserted into the skin layer. Finally, I imitated the peristaltic motion by mixing these two methods.

Observations revealed that the spider legs acted like gills in the first experiment, and the oxygen of the sea spider spread and spread throughout the body.

The study also found that sea spiders differ in their oxygen concentration depending on the water environment. When oxygen concentration was low, sea spider interlocking motion increased.

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