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[Parenting] House to raise babies, safety device is essential


If you have a baby to be born, you should be prepared for it. There should be baby goods such as tableware, clothing, as well as furniture such as baby beds and pillows. Safety checks are also necessary for babies. Let's take a look at safety tips and related tips to help prevent injuries and safeguard your child.

According to an article by Linda Diffrozio in the Parents magazine, many parents install safety devices from the time the baby is crawling. In this case, it is hard to make a proper preparation because you have to fix a lot of things in a short period of time. Kimberly Mitchell, the first chief of the squad, advised, "Before the baby is born, we have to build safety equipment."

The safety check for the child should be done in detail to the small things that can be found at the child's eye level. Sharp or brittle objects should be removed to a high place, and pads should be applied to the sharp edges of furniture edges. Also, cover the drain hole and pay careful attention to the floor wiring.

It is important to protect the baby from the stairs, and the dangerous space should be protected by installing a fence. When the baby starts to stand up, it can reach the shelf or the blinds and the position adjustment is necessary. It is good to buy shelf that can attach wall with anchor. Wireless blinds or roll-up blinds are also recommended. For windows on the second floor, it is recommended to install the lock.

"Babies grow faster than they think," said Diffrofugio. "It is a good idea to build a safety device before curiosity grows."

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