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Saying that an immature young girl is ugly or obese, or telling a boy that he is tall or dwarfed, hurts not only children but also parents. This does not just end in words, but also affects the child's future hopes, dreams, and aspirations. How should parents raise their children in this tough world?

Facing reality

In fact, young children grow up to hear their hurtful words and suffer from painful things. It is a situation that all human beings face in their lives. The world is more realistic and straightforward than it looks, and sometimes it creates a hard and harsh environment. It can not always be a pleasant thing, but sometimes it happens when you have to listen to someone who is hurt.

It is the parent's responsibility to prepare the child for the safety and protection of the child in the face of reality and coping with it. To be able to cope with various things that can be encountered in the rough world without fear is a very important factor in life.

Trust within the child plays an important role in leading to a well-grown adult in the future. It has a positive impact on the world because it has a strong mindset to believe in oneself that is filled with trust. Therefore, raising self-esteem and self-esteem is the success of parents as a successful, independent, and happy adult. It is not too much to say that it depends on the parental wisdom of parenting, but it is important to learn how to avoid distrust of your child's efforts in small and large parts.

Parents are children's ardent volunteers

All the words of the parent to the child have a great influence. Even if a child makes a small work in an art class, it is worth giving it a praise of the child's efforts. It is good to hang your work and tell your child that you are proud. If your child has won a soccer match, you should show your trophy on the shelf and feel that your parents are proud of their efforts.

Parenting Sercan Dipitti Murmy stressed that it is very important for your child to know that parents are proud of their children. Children need to show that they support what they want to do because they are always looking for support and validation of people who are important to them. It is important to strengthen and maintain the bond with your child to understand what your child's interests and interests are and to make them feel that they are standing on their side when doing the work.

In addition, it should be able to accurately describe the subtle boundaries between self-confidence and self-sufficiency, and give a clear perception of self-confidence. It is wise to teach them to be better than arrogant or arrogant children. It is also important to have a heart that loves oneself.

It must be able to always be excited about all the people around, and the fact that it is not a problem if not. The key is to let the parents know that they are interested and loving about what they do. Your child can be positively influenced, gain confidence, and be able to properly judge and think what they want. This also helps to improve and improve the future of the child.

Role of parents

To be able to do that, it is important to encourage them to be active in society. Because most of today's children spend more time in the virtual environment of the Internet than they do in reality, having a child face-to-face with other friends and engage in more personal relationships can be part of the necessary social activities. Or you can plan a mini-party and invite your friends to come home and spend time together.

It is also desirable to let the child do what he or she can do and to put responsibility into account. Successful completion of the work can make the child feel better about themselves and feel better. It can also be a great trust building tool.

Even if you make a mistake, you should teach your child to be clear about the mistake you made, instead of just pointing it out to your child. It is rather unpleasant to try to make mistakes or not to take a tea in consideration of the child 's feelings. As a parent, you should be able to handle your child's mistakes while remaining calm and emotional. It is important to teach your child what to do after identifying what is happening.

Most importantly, you do not compare your child to other children. Even if your child does not win any competition, it can not be more meaningful for a winning child than for a child. Pointing out and comparing competencies, skills, and techniques can bring a child's mental harm, and can have a profound impact until he or she grows up to be an adult. In addition, the cursor always makes the parent or other person feel that the verification or approval is necessary.

When your child does not achieve what he or she has accomplished, the best way a parent can do is to tell them that their efforts are good enough. Children always aim to impress their parents. Parents should also be candid and unobtrusive to make them feel that they appreciate everything they do.

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