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▲ The charm of Moran parrot is beautiful and clever (Source = Wikimedia Commons)

Moran macaws are one of the most popular birds that grow as pets. It is analyzed that the nature of the peony parrot symbolizing love is getting more attractive to people. The characteristic of the peony parrot is that it is a beautiful and clever animal. That's why people are interested in adopting the peony parrot.

Basic guide to Moran macaws

Among the many parrot varieties, the peony parrots are dominated by people's love. However, there are many misconceptions about the behavior and specificity of the peony parrot. Here are some basic facts you should know before adopting a mohair.

1. Peony parrots usually do not speak

The Moran parrot is known to mimic the words of humans, but in fact the Moran parrot is very quiet. However, whistling or doorbell sounds can be imitated.

2. There are several types of peony parrots

The peony parakeets are subspecies such as the Yellow-necked Mockingbird, the Black Mockingock, the Red Mockingock, the Orange Face Mockingock, the Swindens Moranock, the Redface Mockingock, the Abyssinian Mockingock and the Madagascar Moranock. Is a pink hair peony parrot. Each of the peony parrots has unique characteristics. And you can live up to 20 years as long as you breed properly.

3. Peony parrots do not need to be raised in pairs

For a long time, people have thought that they should not raise a peony parrot. However, this bird is not a preliminary one. This breed is easy to breed. And most owners can not afford to have more than one parrot at home. And since the peony parrots are sociable, they can grow with birds of other breeds. However, it is recommended to communicate with people.

▲ Peony parrots can easily reproduce, so if the owner is not ready, it may be better to raise only one (Source: Pixar Bay)

4. The Moran is very active

Moran macaws are very sociable and active varieties like other parrots. Therefore, in order to maintain health, various activities must be exposed. If you plan to adopt the Moran, you should be prepared to exercise outside the cage.

5. Moran macaws are one of the smallest parrot varieties

Moran macaws are one of the smallest parrot varieties. This bird grows up to 5 to 7 inches, so it can grow in a small family.

Basic guide to breeding Moran parrot

Moran breeding was popular among birds. Increasing the number of parrot families with color mutations is quite interesting. The following is what the owner should know before deciding on the breeding of peony parrots.

1. Nest condition

Before breeding the peony parrot, the owner must check whether the peony parrot is 1 to 5 years old and whether it is okay to give birth to a baby.

▲ The owner must know when the female incubator ends (Source = Flickr)

Moran macaws should have nests of adequate size to lay eggs. Inside the nest, lay the finely grounded paper.

2. Nutritional Condition

In order to maintain the health of the peony parrot, it is necessary to feed grain and feed, fresh fruits and vegetables. Females of breeding age should provide calcium supplements to offset nutrients that are likely to be lost during laying of eggs.

3. Born

The female lays eggs every single day until she has all the eggs.

4. Hatching period

Moran macaws have eggs for an average of 23 days. The owner must observe whether the female is hatching on the eggs until the last day of hatching. Before hatching, you can see that the cubs in the eggs are making small holes called 'pip holes'. The pups breathe through this hole and completely hatch after 12 to 24 hours.

5. Care of the baby peony parrot and feeding of baby food

For two to three weeks after birth, the female must feed the young. After that, the young should be taken out of the nest and placed in an artificial incubator so that the owner can feed them directly. And the owner must feed the baby food directly by 6 ~ 8 weeks.

Moran breeding is interesting because the process is easy, unlike the large breeding parrots. While managing these birds, the home will be full of positive energy. Thus, the peony parrot can be a perfect pet because of its colorful feathers and special attributes.

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