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Childhood eating habits affect growth and development. All parents want their children to eat healthy food, but it is not as easy as it seems to discipline kids who are singled out.

It takes considerable motivation and encouragement to instill proper eating habits. What methods should be used to feed healthy vegetables to young children?

Habits to eat good food Do not tame or give up

Natalia Stasenko, a nutritionist, said, "Even if a young child does not like to eat green vegetables, he should not give up eating healthy food." It is normal for a child to cover food. "

"Parents should continue to provide a healthy diet for their children and encourage their families to come together and eat their vegetables," he said. "This is training to make food on the plate enjoyable and enjoyable. "He added.

All food must be evenly touched

For proper eating habits, a variety of foods should be prepared on the table, including food the child wants to eat. Some parents know they did not like cabbage or broccoli when they were young.

Some parents admit that they have become fond of this kind of vegetable only after they have become adults. The reason why children do not like bittersweet taste is because the tongue buds do not grow fully until they become adults.

It is instinctively safe to hate bittersweet taste

Professor Russell Keyst of Deakin University in Australia explained that people hate the bitter taste in order to protect our bodies from toxic plants. "When you go outdoors and chew it, it tastes mostly bitter," said Professor Kist. "This is because the body signals that the leaves are harmful to the body." That is, the bitter taste implies that there are harmful ingredients.

Children grow up with food.

Most children grow up to eat food. Children begin to explore and explore independently from the surrounding environment through food poaching. In addition, the eating habits change according to the activity and growth of the children.

Children learn through experience

Super Healthy Kid, a specialist medium for children's diets and recipes, warned that forcing too much food on a child could give them a negative experience. This family meal time can be an important factor in the development of the child.

Parents want a friendly and relaxed environment where children can relax and eat in a relaxed atmosphere. It is good to encourage parents to change their children slowly as they show proper eating habits first.

Running a healthy eating habits, patience is essential

When introducing new foods to children, it is a good idea to place them next to children's favorite foods so that they can know them naturally. Children can only see new foods, but they also put them in their mouths. This is a welcome phenomenon. All of this is a process. Having children eat healthy foods requires patience.

It is also good to prepare a new recipe for children. If you boil vegetables such as cauliflower or broccoli, you can taste naturally bittersweet. But if you add pepper and salt on the pan with olive oil, you can save the sweetness of the vegetables.

Let's apply the vegetables secretly to the diet.

Kate DiPlima, a spokesperson for the Australian Dietetic Association, said, "A little gimmick is needed to feed healthy food to children." Children usually do not prefer full type of vegetables or fruits. At this time, if you mix it with your favorite foods such as yogurt, you can induce the delicious taste of the vegetables.

Make a Healthy Choice

It is also helpful to look at the chapter with the children. Children will not choose cabbage or broccoli, but they can like carrots. It is also an effective approach to naturally create opportunities for children to choose healthy foods. Above all, if you make healthy meals consistently at mealtimes, the moment children come to love vegetable food first.

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