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[Parenting] Interesting and creative lessons, effective for ADHD child motivation

Source: Pixar Bay

If there is a student whose attitude is not good in the class, the teacher tries to correct the behavior. However, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) students often need other methods.

"In order to motivate ADHD children, it is necessary to adjust the learning environment rather than change the attitude of the child," Rick La Bohey, a 30-year specialist in education for disabled children's education program, told an article in Additemag. He said.

According to Raboie, "The best way is to create a curriculum that is as interesting and relevant as possible. Organize classes so that children can participate creatively and actively. A rigorous curriculum that is a standard in the general school, results in distracting behavior, low grades, and middle school abandonment of ADHD children.

Laboie is a teaching strategy that improves motivation by providing a single step instruction, allowing breaks, using both linguistic and visual teaching methods, and suggesting how children can exert their creativity and imagination .

Teachers should also avoid giving complicated tasks that are instructive or require both quantity and quality without criticizing or responding to children's behavior.

Laboie pointed out that there is a clear discrepancy between the knowledge taught in school and the needs of children with skills and attention problems to help the child develop. Many teachers focus on the behavior of children with ADHD and try to change them. However, in order to motivate students and help them achieve the best results, it is essential to change teaching and teaching methods.

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