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[Parenting] How to help overcome your child’s sorrow

Photo Source: Pixar Bay

Parents do not want to see their children feel depressed. Parents will do whatever it takes to make the child bright again. But saying that it will be ok will not help children. But there is a way to help the hardest children.

I sympathize. I have not experienced the child's difficulties directly, but I think from the child's perspective. Tell me about your mistakes and how to solve them. If you have experience similar to your child's experience, then tell the story. Children should be made aware that mistakes and failures are okay. Terry Claessen, author of 'The Illum', said, "It helps me to realize that these methods empathize with the emotions of the children and that they can be upset."

It gives children a healthy way to overcome in their own way.

Do not let children solve problems the way they want. If the children want to cry, let them cry. The children will be fine soon. Provide space for children and give them all the help they can.

Ask for help. If you can not help your child, you can ask a professional for help. You ask your friends to comfort your children. If the problem is serious, you can find a psychologist.

Help children to remember. Clarence said, "We must wisely show children that memory is important and failure is important." You should remind yourself of your experiences with children. Help them remember their choice in the form of texts or scrapbooks and how they were able to survive.

Be honest. "Children will ask questions when they experience sorrow. "You have to give an honest answer to your age," Claessen said. Be as honest as possible. You should not give good advice. Also, young children should not make up their answers when they ask questions. I hate to hurt children, but kids also need to know the truth.

Parents should be healthy models to overcome sorrow. As a parent, you must show how you overcome sorrow. Children imitate what they see. "You have to teach your children that the feelings of sadness are normal," Claesen advised. Children may not fully understand the sorrow they feel, but teaching them how to deal with these emotions can relieve pain.

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