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[Parenting] How to help your first child get acquainted with your new brother

Photo Source: Pixar Bay

The birth of a new baby is both exciting and frightening for your first child.

I can tell you that you are your older brother, older brother, older sister or older sister, but it is hard for children to accept.

Under the assumption that your children will go on for several years, your first child worries that a new baby will come home and devote attention.

First children think, "This love will come to me and the rest will go to my brother." This can be a problem and as a parent you should teach your first child that this is not the case.

Because the child is too young to have deep conversation about love and family, she should be able to communicate at a level that she can understand

Try to understand all the examples that children can think of. Children's favorite foods, toys, games, and pictures can be used.

You must understand that your love for the first child has not changed and that a new baby will not change.

You have to let them know that the same kind of love you show them will lead to your new brother. Not only will you tell the two children about the love they will be facing, but you will also have to demonstrate such behavior yourself.

When they teach that family love is not a shared concept, children behave just like parents.

Of course jealousy can not be avoided, but once you see how love circulates, the first ones will start acting differently.

Children are more actively expressing affection.

Having children play together is a good way to make them feel affection. Work together, play with your baby, and have a big child with your brother. It is a good opportunity to plant a bond that will continue to grow.

At first, problems may arise. But if you always have more affection in your home, you will always feel refreshed.

The important thing is correct teaching and positive education.

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