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The Black Pomeranian has all of the same characteristics as the other dogs of the Pomeranian species. The only difference is the search and genetic composition.

However, misunderstandings surrounding Black Pomeranian still exist.

For example, it is a misunderstanding that the black pomeranian's entire body must be black. This breed is considered a black pomeranian even though the whole body is black and the feet are yellowish brown.

The Pomeranian is diverse. There are also pomeranian whose whole body is tan, some pomeranian which is black, and pomeranian which is a search of black. The fact that some parts of the body are different is not against the breed standard.

In the same vein, even though the black pomeranian has white hairs on its chest, it is considered a black pomeranian.

In other words, the black pomeranian does not mean that all of the hairs of the body need to be black. There are white hairs in my chest when I am a puppy, but sometimes it disappears while growing.

Black Pomeranian with white and tan colors can also be called Black Pomeranian, but Pomeranian lovers call this a tri-color.

However, this classification method is not a formal breed classification method.

There is a misconception that the gray Pomeranian belongs to the Black Pomeranian, but it is not.

The Pomeranian, which is a uniform gray of the whole body, is different from the Black Pomeranian.

Like the gray pomeranian, the pomeranian is a blue pomeranian that looks bright under sunlight.

The search for Blue Pomeranian shows a clear blue tint when exposed to direct sunlight. Pomeranian is usually white, yellow, black, so many people think that there will be no search for blue, in fact, blue pomegranate may appear in the blue.

It is not uncommon for dogs to change their looks while they live. According to professional breeders, up to seven searches can be changed. And to adopt a puppy of your choice, it is better to look at it when the puppy is at least 8 weeks old. Before that, it is difficult to know the precise search and pattern. It is not only seeking change. The color of the outline of eyes, nose, and mouth is also different when it is dog and dog.

In China, there is a belief that black dogs bring good luck. All black dogs are eaten away from bad luck in the house. There is also a belief that a black dog takes the illness or accident that comes to his master instead. So, in China, when a black dog dies, there is a custom that the owner cuts off the dog 's tail and uses it as a charm.

The Black Pomeranian is a different breed from the other pomeranian. The most notable feature is the black hair covering the whole body. Height is about 30cm, and weight is about 1.3 ~ 3.2kg, similar to other Pomeranian.

Source: Pixar Bay

Pomeranians do not care about small bodies, but act like they are very big. So you can bark or jump at other big dogs. The sound of barking is very large compared to its size. I often bark, so if you are planning to grow a pomeranian in a multi-family home, you should train to avoid barking.

Black Pomeranian hair care should be more careful than any other pomeranian. This is because black hair is more noticeable when white dust or debris is attached to it. Therefore, Black Pomeranian hair should be applied more often. Also, it is necessary to constantly clean the black pomeranian fur from bright clothes, floors and furniture.

If you want to sell a Black Pomeranian, you should find a professional breeder who carefully crosses your dog to avoid genetic barriers.

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