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What if all parents have one thing they want most? It would be a wish to be a child who is studying right. However, the child's mind is always in conflict with the parents. A child who is not interested in studying, how will she change?

Are you bored studying?

For parents, learning outcomes is a very important indicator of success. It is because you have to get a good score on your current study to see the child's success and recognition. This can be very frustrating if your child does not seem to be interested in learning or learning in school classes. But it is too early to despair. Even if your child does not want to learn how to learn and study at school, there is always a book!

This is not surprising because many of the students think that studying is an endless and tedious activity. Rather, helping children who are lacking in learning skills will benefit not only the students but also parents and teachers. You can give. It is good to motivate your child to develop better learning habits and skills without giving up. It is just to show children the pleasure of learning.

The Importance of Motivation

Children who listen to the teacher's words in school classes. However, the learning attitudes of each of these children are as different as their personalities. Some children are highly motivated through high grades, recognition, and honor, while others are less interested in it. The thing is that the child who is motivated by himself or the child who is not, the important thing is that they all need guidance, encouragement and motivation.

Most of the children who enjoy going to school tend to keep good grades. More than what you have learned at school, you are motivated to get out of your homework or studying. And the rest of the kids are half way between this motivation and indifference. And some come to school just for social activities. One of the things you can do as a parent to help your child at this time is to teach your child what to explore and to feel that learning is fun. If your child does not seem to be interested in these things, it is also good to expand your knowledge through the things your child has experienced.

It is also helpful to have your own unique teaching method that children can easily follow and learn. This is because children's personality is all diverse, and their interests and needs are different. Parents should be able to find the most appropriate way to encourage their child's learning. This has a positive impact on your child's potential, but it should be a motivational way to capture the child's unique abilities, weaknesses, strengths, and so forth to attract interest and interest to the child.

And we must use methods to remind the importance of study. In this case, it is better to list examples of historical figures, heroes, idols, and celebrities who have a sense of proper learning to recognize the value of competition. This provides a role model for how fun and challenging the learning is and helps to attract children.

Parents' Participation Law

If the child is lazy in learning, it is effective for parents to actively learn how to participate in the child's education and apply it. According to a study by the University of Illinois in the United States, parents' involvement in and involvement in their children is one of the most important factors that make them interested in what they learn. Here are a few.

1. Ask questions : Have a habit of asking what your child has learned at school. Discussing the lesson with your child can be a good way to figure out what lesson your child has learned at school. Also, by inducing parents to respond, a child may feel like he or she wants to say more funly about what they have learned.

For example, if you have learned about the life of a butterfly, your parents can visit it with your child in an exhibition hall or museum to expand your knowledge of the butterfly's habits and lifespan. Or if you have learned about history, you will see a related movie that you know about that history.

2. Take a break : Having a break during study can keep the balance of the lesson well. The stress on schooling can be solved for a short time, reducing stress and receiving less physical or psychological negative influences.

3. Share your learning experience : It is more important for a child to talk about learning experiences you have experienced during your childhood than any other class. Once you have the time to talk with your child, you can lead a discussion atmosphere, and as you tell your own experiences, the child finds that their parents have also had the same time as themselves. This allows the child to realize that what he is experiencing now is a common experience for everyone, not just for himself, reducing the strain on study and lessening the psychological stress. In addition, the bond between parents and children is strengthened.

4. Begin as a child : Academic is always important, regardless of age. Therefore, even young children should make use of customized learning tools appropriate to their child's age to keep balance between studying and playing.

Positive advice

Parents should also emphasize that their child is a positive experience in life, both as learning and as school. This helps the child to do his homework and show a positive attitude, which allows him to focus more. You should not forget compliments that you pass after completing your homework. After that, the child naturally finds the parents by taking homework with ease. Make some tips that will lead to positive children.

1. Teaching the result : You must remind yourself that certain behaviors will produce corresponding results. If your child does not have time to study, he / she should be able to tell what will happen in the future.

2. Good habits : You should be able to help your child spend every day and make good habits. Once you have planned your homework, you will be able to plan and practice your homework. Parents should also provide their children with adequate rewards and comfort with healthy snacks and food.

3. Not forcing : One of the things that parents should not overlook is that they should not be forced to study. In such a situation, the child may be reluctant to study further, and is rather dangerous because it can turn into rejection. Parents need only help themselves so that they can learn at their own pace. The pressure can bring the worst out of resentment to the parents.

4. Motivation : Always have a positive attitude when teaching and helping your child. And it is essential to motivate the child to attract interest and interest. Let's look at some examples.

- Visit local museums

- Walking nature while exploring and exploring different topics each time

- Visit the library every week to see books that fit your child's interests

- Draw creativity with time such as painting, story, making

- Participation in music or choreography classes

5. Promoting physical activity : Exercise plays a role in enhancing human brain function. This can help reduce the stress your child has had on homework or other difficulties in their studies.

6. Focus on what you need to learn : As you live in society, you must understand what you need to know and know in advance what you need to know so your child can judge right and wrong. This may be even more important than the knowledge or information you learn in the learning environment.

7. Be Patience : Even if your child does not follow your parent's heart and still looks lazy and indifferent, you should not give up patiently. It is wise to constantly encourage your child to feel the joy of learning. However, if you feel that you have a problem with your child, it is advisable to have a consultation with an expert.

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