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Today, minority minorities (LGBTs) and related communities face discrimination and violence. There are still countries that do not accept them legally, and even if accepted, they can not be free from socially discriminating prejudices and gaze. LGBT is also afraid of criticism and criticism, and I know that my identity is not welcome in my present life.

The love of the family members who embrace them is more urgent and important. What parents have to approach to understand and understand their child more. Publish guidelines for parents with LGBT children.

Social stigma towards families with LGBT children

Parents generally do not want to accept their children's coming-outs. This is a common behavior seen by almost every parent in the world. Because he knows that his child has a different view of identity than others, and that the place where society is outlaws them thoroughly. However, the absence of parental involvement can cause children to fall into the risk of depression, suicide, and other health conditions.

However, it is true that social programs for these families are very weak. Caroline Cooper of Columbia University in New York noted that bullying for school LGBT youth is receiving much attention from policy makers and the public, but that the rejection response experienced by their parents is not discussed. Therefore, it is urgently needed to develop policies to create supportive family and family environment to eradicate stigmatization of LGBT youth and eliminate discrimination.

Role of Family

Parents, especially, should always be responsible for loving and protecting their children. Whatever your child's problems are, parents should be able to comfort and care for them. Such love and affection should never be related to the child's sexual preferences. It is important for children to recognize that they are all unique and always special.

LGBT youngsters are already beginning to understand how different they are from other people. It would have been confusing to his feelings and the other side, and as he grew, it would have become clearer about his sexual characteristics. And as you enter puberty, you become anxious and fear becomes bigger.

Families need to make efforts to make the home a warm and safe space to lessen the stress and burden of the child. To create an environment free of all judgments and stereotypes, helping your child to freely explore his interests and build various friendships. And if necessary, they should be able to guide their child through more social interventions so that they can share and spread their interests.

It is also necessary to escape from the concept of traditional gender. You will encourage your child to attend conversations or communities that can break the sexual concept and gradually open up more of your emotions.

A Guide for Parents with LGBT Children

Even if your child is part of his or her own LGBT community, it is unclear whether you are ready to come out. It can be difficult even for families to share these concerns. This is because it requires a lot of courage and strength.

It is here that the role of parents is important. Because love and acceptance should help children to understand and accept who they are, they will introduce what parents and family members can do when their children come out.

1. Parents should show that they support and support their children after acknowledging that they are different from others. Have your child feel that their parents are accepting themselves and lead them to discover more as they follow their path.

2. It is important to know that understanding what a child is experiencing can be a degree of enlightenment for parents as well. Children should not forget that their parents need support and verification.

3. Many efforts are being made towards sexual minorities, but many still suffer. If the child suffers from this process, parents should protect their child and help them to get up on their own.

4. Every time a parent listens to a joke or story based on gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation, they should be able to express their opinions and point out the other's jokes. It should be able to show a movement against this kind of joke being made to be arbitrarily tolerated.

5. Being part of the LGBT community means being socially discriminated. Parents should therefore be aware that their child may be suffering from mental health problems, and if so, should take immediate action.

6. Be able to encourage and support diversity. It is very important for children to express themselves freely in as many ways as possible. Teaching children to fight against all forms of discrimination can have a significant impact on a child's growth.

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