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Parents want their children to live a successful life in the future. However, such a wind can lead to reckless accidents, for example, by enforcing parents' choices and opinions without reflecting their children's talents or interests. In particular, these behaviors are common during the child's career choices. But is not it what you want to do? We disclose examples that show this well.

A passionless nurse

Media Citizen unveiled the story of a woman named Ashura Ramadan. Ramadan chose a job as a nurse because of his parents, but he did not want to do it. Because Ramadan's mother was also a nurse, his mother wanted her daughter to inherit the way she was walking. I have also influenced my daughter to have the same career.

This career choice in Ramadan began after high school, but my parents were forced to attend nursing colleges. When the mother directly visited the nursing college, Ramadan expressed her rejection and concern at the same time, but her mother was stubborn.

In fact, Ramadan was a dream to become a fashion designer. However, she declared that she would not pay her tuition if she did not attend a nursing school.

After all, Ramadan entered the nursing college and stepped into a career as a nurse after graduation. However, he was always dissatisfied with his surroundings. I had to do what I had to do faithfully to patients who made myself difficult and arrogant. He also confessed that he was not aware of the effect parents had on him. I am currently working as a nurse for 6 years, but I am still not satisfied with my job.

Teacher who stopped work

There is also a teacher who has worked for seven years. It is said to have been the King of the Calvinati, and the King of the Namtu became a teacher because of his parents, but never satisfied with the position of a teacher. It is the Father who forcibly forced the teacher of the Namot family. However, the King of the Nant did not feel that he was doing well in his career while working as a teacher.

In the end, he felt that his career was meaningless, and the king of the South decided to quit his job and chose a new job. In order to fulfill the engineer's dream, he entered Dar es Salaam University and majored in engineering and finished his degree.

The Definition and Criteria of Success

In relation to these cases, teacher Brenda Ngassaru, who works for child-related organizations, pointed out that these compulsions and actions often arise from parents. Parents have a short-sighted view of the definition of success, usually a criticism that focuses solely on monetary compensation. And this forces them to impose their chosen career. They believe that if they receive good wages and rewards, they can live a better life.

However, success is evaluated as an extremely subjective standard. Each person has different standards of success. However, it is clear that it will be influenced by the socio-economic stratum that we are targeting. Even if it is considered a great success in the gaze of others, it can be nothing for yourself.

Ngasaru explained that it is important to focus on ability and talent and follow the path in order to reach the individual's desired success. Of course, the three essential elements of ambition, enthusiasm, and strength must be equally applicable here. These elements can be used more clearly and usefully in the future to achieve what they want.

Advice for Parents

Parents should have an open vision so that they can follow and follow their dreams on their own. It is desirable to clearly recognize that forcing the choice of parents is a hindrance to their children's dreams. Even if a child chooses a career as the parent wishes, the regret and despair felt by the child can occur at any time. In the end, forcing your children to do things they do not want is like wasting both time, effort, and resources.

Another side effect that can occur when you force your child to choose a parent is that the child may not eventually perform well in his or her position. No motivation or momentum can arise because it is not what I wanted. In addition, there is no enthusiasm, and the probability of success in that career is very low.

At the same time, stress and anxiety are maximized as they strive to meet the expectations of their parents. Without parents' recognition, they feel that they are not enough and eventually they can even fall in self-esteem or self-esteem. The sacrifice of one 's own life for the satisfaction of the parents has already reduced the quality of the child' s life. In other words, you will not be able to enjoy a true life journey.

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