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Children who are about to graduate from high school are now preparing to go on their new journey in a wider society.

There are a few skills that students need to learn to live alone when they leave their home.

Jennifer Wyder, a youth expert, said, "The children have grown up in the shadow of their parents and need enough training."

Basic cooking skills

If you teach your children what they like, you can be more interested in cooking.

You can also give notes with various recipes.

It should also be pointed out that eating out is more expensive than eating at home.

In addition to recipes, you should be aware of the importance of eating healthy foods.

Budget and money management skills

"Learning how to live on a limited budget is the first step in independence," said Wyader.

Also, teenagers should learn banking and learn to use responsible credit cards.

They should be taught to set a good budget for their monthly living expenses.

For example, you might list all expected spending items and then assign an estimated amount for each item in the list.

Teaching them to budget is teaching them responsibility.

Then you will know the difference between what they want and what they need.

Personal health care knowledge

An independent young adult should know his / her physical condition because he has no one to care for him when he is sick.

You also need to know in advance what medicines you can buy without a prescription.

If you are suffering from migraine, you should learn that you need to keep your medicine in case you are sick.

Good sociability and manners

In society, you should tell your child that you should behave differently than your family.

They need to know how to communicate with people older than them and with people who are not family members.

And you should always be taught to be polite and "thankful".

You have to respect other people and know that when they do, they will also be respected.

Knowledge of automobiles

If you plan to provide your child with a vehicle to use in college, you should tell them the importance of vehicle inspections.


Independent children now have to be responsible for their own living space because they live by themselves.

In particular, you should teach how to clean kitchens and bathrooms.

You should also be prepared to deal with emergencies, such as how to pierce a clogged toilet.

You should also know how to wash.

How to judge people well

College life is a good environment to be friends with various people and learn from each other. That is why we must make good friends and make good friends.


If your child listens to morning classes, always remind them to arrive on time.

A well-kept image of time promises to others in a responsible manner.

Also, they must teach what they should do to the end.

Courage to recognize mistakes and start again Children are still young and will repeat many mistakes.

We need to teach them to accept their mistakes and take responsibility for the consequences.

They should be taught that they should have the courage to say they are sorry when they commit wrongdoings or offend others.

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