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You may have seen an ad with a picture of a baby smiling in the sun on a baby bed, or a similar image, while a couple looking happy in a clean home wakes up. This is the dream of parents who raise 12-month-old babies. In fact, parents of 12-month-old babies should follow the baby around in the baggage with worries and anxiety all day. The baby cries or screams when necessary.

A constant worry

Parents have no choice but to worry about a 12-month-old baby. This little person can speak or walk a few words. If the baby is a fast-talking baby, he or she may clutter constantly to have more conversations with his parents. If the baby can not walk yet, he will crawl constantly.

Because the baby does not know when, where, and what to do, the parents should be keen to tactile and watch the baby.

1. Where did the baby go and how did he move to the place?

2. What is the baby now holding or chewing in his mouth?

3. How did you open the toilet door and how did you pull out the toilet paper?

4. Who opened the baby goggles?

5. How did the baby find the remote?

Not only that. A young baby suddenly feels hot or does not feel well and can continue to cry. If you do not know the cause, you should seek pediatrics as soon as possible. It is better to overprotect problems related to your baby's health. And parents need to worry about baby behavior while also worrying about baby development.

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A constant demand

A 12-month-old baby tries to stick with someone all day. Also, the time to concentrate is short and the boredom gets bored soon. 12 months Baby can concentrate for about 5 minutes. And the baby at this time is also stubborn, and there are many things that parents demand.

Dr. Penelope Ricci, a child development psychologist, said, "A 12-month-old baby always demands something from her parents, but she can not quarantine or refuse her baby. If you need to take care of your baby all day, let's take your baby for a walk in the stroller. I may be acquainted with parents who raise my baby of the same age. "

The baby at this time can not be left alone on the playground or left alone for a while. The baby will cry out loud until someone shows interest. If you need to look after your baby and do something else, let 's use a walker, baby chair, stroller, etc. Have your baby sit for a while and have dinner ready. Even if your work is a little slow, you should continue to talk to your baby and get your baby's attention. So baby does not cry.

Communication difficulty

Communication between an adult and a 12-month-old baby can be difficult. Most babies can say a few words before the first stones and some babies take their first steps. Let's not be embarrassed to say that the baby started to walk earlier than to start talking. There are already several words in the baby's head. If the baby gives a voice, it does not have to worry, even if it is an unacceptable word.

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A 12 month baby can recognize simple words or sentences. Therefore, if you want to develop your baby's language skills, you should continue to communicate. Sometimes using gestures and movements makes the baby understand your words. When talking to the baby slowly, with easy words, speak clearly.

For example, if the baby has already opened the refrigerator door and learned how to get juice or milk out of reach of his hand, he would point to it with his finger when he wants to drink it. Then, 'Do you want to drink juice?' Or "Would you like milk?" And give the baby a drink. In this way, parents can induce the baby to participate in the conversation.

Babies usually learn several words within two years, including their name, the name or title of another person, and parts of their body. Make sure your baby has a certain level of language.

1. You can speak several words from 15 to 18 months.

2. You can point to familiar objects, people and body parts by 18 months.

3. You can say more than 50 words by 24 months. You can also concatenate two words to form a simple sentence. You can encourage your baby to solve simple tasks on their own.

If your parents' anxiety and stress levels are serious in the care of your baby, have them help you with your friends, relatives, and professionals. You will find useful information on how to cope with the baby's needs that arise every moment. If the baby does not speak well after the time has elapsed, have him / her immediately see a doctor.

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