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[Health] Developing ‘One shot vaccine’ for child immunization

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A team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has developed a technology that can deliver childhood immunizations, including diphtheria, tetanus, measles and pneumonia vaccines, at a time, It is expected.

This one-shot vaccine is similar to a small coffee cup packaged in a fine capsule and designed to be released at a set time. Capsules of this coffee cup design play an important role in releasing the vaccine at the right time.

"This technology can have a significant impact on patients in developing countries," said Robert Langer, professor at MIT.

The new technology has not yet been proven in humans, but the one-shot solution has been found to work on mouse specimens.

One experiment demonstrated that the contents of the capsules were accurately released at 9, 20 and 41 days after the vaccine was injected at 9 o'clock. Researchers are developing a sustainable vaccine particle for 100 days after injection.

"You can create a small library of vaccine particles programmed to be released at precise and predictable times," says Langer. We will be able to prevent multiple diseases with a single shot in the future. "

This innovative technology is completely different from previous attempts to release drugs slowly over time. The concept of a one shot vaccine is similar to that of an immunization vaccine that allows the vaccine to be released quickly and accurately.

"In developing countries, it may be either vaccination or vaccination at once," said Kevin McHugh, a co-researcher.

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