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Being in the same space as a child does not mean that you take care of your child. If you do not talk to your child without paying enough attention to your smartphone, it will have a negative effect. If you look for a smartphone to look for a childcare item, you should regularly watch your smartphone from now on if you look at a smartphone instead of playing with your child at a kids' cafe or playground.

Influence of smartphone on child care

Smartphones have changed a lot in human life. Some people work on a smartphone and look at a smartphone when they are at rest. It seems to have changed the way of working and enjoying leisure positively, but there are also parts that do not. I used to use my smartphone when I was driving, and I woke up my smartphone for hours before sleeping at night. These digital devices have advantages and disadvantages, and childcare with smartphones is the same.

Compared to the 1960s, many parents, especially mothers, spend more time with their children, according to current Atlantic magazine The Atlantic. The number of working mothers has increased, but the time between the child and the mother is increasing.

It should be noted, however, that having more time does not mean having a good time with your child. Most parents think they care for their children, but in fact, they do not have time to empathize with their children.

The reason is that even when the parent is with the children, they look into the smartphone or tablet, which makes them less interested in the child.

It is a scene that you can often see at the kids' café on the weekend. There are a lot of parents watching the smartphone only around the child or in the cafe with the child neglecting to play alone.

In the past, there was a story that a child would not be able to study if he kept watching TV. I thought that TV shows were not good for kids. The facts are clear nowadays.

As your kids spend more time with their smartphones, they are less likely to have a keen eye for things and the environment around them, and so do their parents. When a parent is with a child, using a smartphone will not be able to concentrate on the child, and will blow away the opportunity to teach the child the quest.

Take a look at the findings of Asurion, a global technology company introduced on the New York Post website. The average time to use a smartphone is 12 minutes per day, some check my smartphone every 4 minutes, and not more than 10 minutes. People who participated in the study expressed anxiety if they could not use their smartphone, and if there is a parent who is experiencing these symptoms, it is definitely a problem for the child. Parents' main concern should be children, and the quality of time spent with their children should be increased.

Convenience vs. Concentration

People say that the parents of the present generation have had a negative impact on the growth of their children due to poor concentration due to technological advances. If your child does not get enough attention, you are more likely to get interested and more likely to be depressed or anxious about what is going on around you.

Some parents are telecommuting at home rather than the company, and sometimes buy smart necessities with their smartphones or rush to do something wrong. It is a good opportunity to have more flexibility in your time.

However, there are also problems with such a comfortable environment. Some parents look into their smartphones while their children are in class or in a teacher meeting. Even when waiting in the hospital. I go out with my kids and watch smartphones. The more people become addicted to smartphones, the more they forget about life in the real world.

Instead of refraining from smartphones,

One good way to solve this problem is to try to save time on your smartphone. Set your time and turn off your smartphone, or put it somewhere else invisible and focus on your time with your child.

For parents who want to have a good time with their child, we recommend the following:

▲ Do not spend 2 days on smartphone Let's feel the challenge and feel what it is ▲ Set the smartphone with a solid color such as gray, black, white to reduce the desire to use the smartphone ▲ Turn off the notification when you come home ▲ Mobile Do not use it while you're charging it. ▲ Let's just lay out the apps we need on the home screen.

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