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New Year's resolutions to be made in the new year. Celebrities often make extreme decisions that require specific self-care, but they do not have to. You can start with very simple things, such as running, reading, or doing new things, especially if your mother is worried about your child.

We look at guidelines for childcare improvement for 2018 child mothers proposed by CNN's David G. Allan.

First, the most important thing is to pay special attention and care when you are with your child. Alan explained that parents should listen to their children and answer questions. At the same time, it is not good to watch a cell phone or to interfere with your own story.

Also, you should not react sensitively to the fuss about things that take time. For example, basics such as speaking and walking, toilet training, bathing, reading and learning, biking, etc.

However, it is a good idea to teach the basic issues related to quality of life such as proper sleeping, healthy nutrition, and friendly and basic manners.

Allen especially stressed that mothers should not use their cell phones while driving. This is because it is a bad education for children as it causes traffic accidents. In addition, the act of shouting to the children can cause the depression of the child's self-esteem and can lead to depression. It is a good idea to avoid hurried or urgent things in the new year so that you can strengthen your bond with your children and spend quality time.

Allen emphasized that it is better for the mother to avoid saying "good" to all of her children's activities in the new year. This can make the bad habits of children autocratic.

He also advised not to spend too much time on computers, cell phones, and TVs. We need to reduce this time so that we can recharge energy for ourselves, such as exercise or sleep.

Raj Samani, chief scientist at security firm McAfee, stressed that parents should be able to break their kids' online habits in the new year. In a letter to the British edition of Huffington Post, Samani explained that exposure to a large number of people online could lead to long-term addiction, so that young children should not have cell phones.

However, in this case, the children may hide from their parents and hide themselves from the Internet. In fact, according to McAfee research, more than 50 percent of teenagers have deleted their search history on the Internet, and the remaining 50 percent said they searched online content outside the home. Samani advised parents to control the way they remember passwords and settings on various devices. In this case, children can stop buying content that they sell on the Internet.

Advice for single mothers

There is also advice for unwed mothers. Athena Reich, who writes for the Huffington Post, has proposed a new year's activity that allows single mothers to enjoy a balanced life.

First of all, the most important thing is to enjoy and enjoy their freedom. According to him, traveling around or moving to another country can be one way.

They should be active in social activities and dating. If you have an active and fun time like teenagers and date, you can better understand your opponents. Reich said that even if these dates do not work, they do not have to worry because the relationship is over and the mind is sick, not boring and lonely.

Counseling with a therapist is also recommended. Investing in your own mental health can result in more benefits.

It is also very important to make money and dreams consistently. It would be more effective if you could make a list of things that you want to achieve after 10 years.

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