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Bath time with newborn babies is very special. Most infants and babies like water. However, parents should pay more attention than pleasure. Baby bath is not only clean but also more important than safety.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported a total of 684 accidents involving baby baths from 2006 to 2010. It is a result of once again realizing that it is important for parents to take safety as their priority when bathing babies.

A mistake parents often make

Emily Loeseer of Safe Kids WorldWide, an American nonprofit, talked about the mistakes parents often make when taking a baby. Roeseler says that you should not raise your child in the bathtub. The inside of the bathtub is very slippery and the risk of falls is high.

One of the most basic ways to avoid accidents is to prevent infants from using the toilet unless they are accompanied by an adult, Roeseer, who heads the Wausau area of ​​Wisconsin, USA, said. Infants can also fall into shallow water. It is important to avoid putting a child in the bathtub for a while.

Using bathing aids

The Healthy Children site of the American Society of Pediatrics recommends using baby bath chairs to keep children safe. If the child is left in the bathtub, he can avoid getting into the water. Make sure you have everything you need near your baby before taking a bath. When the bath is over, immediately remove the water from the bathtub, but leave the water only to the extent that the baby is asleep when the baby is seated.

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Temperature of water

Roeseer said the ideal water temperature for bathing the baby is between 26 and 36 degrees Celsius. He also said to use the elbows or wrists to measure the temperature, he said, "you should always check the water temperature before putting your child into the bathtub."

Number of baths

One of the most frequently asked questions of novice parents is about how often to take a bath. For some newborns, washing in the morning can be a stimulus. Newborn babies who love water are better at washing their babies. Looking at publications on pregnancy, childbirth and childcare, it is generally stated that babies do not need to bathe every day. In the case of newborn babies, an average of two washings per week is sufficient. However, hands, neck and face should be wiped daily.

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Soap and Shampoo

Baby 411 Co-author and medical doctor Ari Brown provides a variety of information for parents of newborn babies. The author warns that "products that do not contain artificial flavors or dyes" should be used, and products containing chemical ingredients may be irritating to the baby's weak skin. I also recommended that you take your baby in one arm and wash it with a small towel. It is good to use shampoo in the eyes, but not the rest of the product or mild soap. If you have dermatitis on your baby's scalp, brush your hair using a brush made of soft hair.

The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Health Research recommended a way to apply baby oil after shampooing. Apply the oil and leave it until the next day. Remove the dead skin using a brush and wash your hair again with the shampoo after the next bath time. This method is effective until the scalp becomes normal.

Also, you should wash your baby as soon as possible so that your temperature does not fall. In particular, newborn babies should keep their blanket or towel warm as soon as they are washed.

Bath Toys

Alan Joe, a pediatrician at the Cleveland Clinic in the United States, said bathtub toys are no problem when used for age. For example, markers that can be erased with water should only be used for ages that know they should not be put in their mouths.

When your child turns 5, you can take a bath alone. Parents tell their children how to wash and how to dry themselves. Take a bath together, but it is good to help the child learn properly on the street.

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