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One of the things I encounter when I start to nurture my child. It is the grandparents of children. Often, when a child grows up and gives birth to a child, she gives all the know-how and her grandchild wants the right size, but conflicts often arise in this process. The gap between parents who want to avoid nagging moms and dads and who want to raise them in their own way, and parents who want to know their right and wrong when they tell their knowhow every time. Let's look at the best solution.

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Different Parenting Ideas

According to Roberta Satow, who writes about the way grandparents are raising children on colloquy today, the attitude of parents handling infants has changed dramatically over the years.

For example, even in the mid-20th century, health care professionals have not encouraged breastfeeding as a way to do this when poor women are taking care of their babies. Relatively milk powder was regarded as a kind of 'well-being' and was well received. Today, however, breast milk is recognized as healthier than formula milk. It is also the best way to maintain a bond between mother and child.

Infant rubber nipples are also not recommended for doctors or parents of the time because they can damage the baby's teeth and make the baby's teeth. Today, however, rubber nipples are no longer contraindicated because they are thought to prevent "sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)." While baby blanket and bumper beds are increasingly perceived as a risk of suffocation, they have gained the opposite reputation in older parents.

In relation to all these changes, Sato explained that modern grandparents are well aware of these changes and that it is important for their children to take their grandchildren as new parents and to support them in supporting their children.

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Grandparents dilemma and parenting tips

The environment in which you nurture your child as a parent who naggers every time is the best way to get stress. In addition, every parent, even if he or she first cares for the baby, does not consider parents' intervention or intervention to be necessary.

But on the other hand, some want to hear the advice of their parents and others do not. A woman named Grace said her mother did not enjoy talking about parenting or parenting. Her mother says, "I have already done my share of the time I was nurturing my own child." Grace said that she needed a person to ask her questions about her child's upbringing, such as bathing, trimming and nail-polishing, but her mother always answered "I'm okay, you'll do well" .

Of course, relationships like Grace and his mother are not very common. Most grandparents are willing to advise their grandchildren about parenting, but in some cases grandparents may not be able to care for their children depending on the current lifestyle or circumstances of the grandparents. For example, they are working in the present day, or are already retiring and want to spend their own leisure time.

So, what is the role of grandparents who can win together? If you are waiting for your grandchildren sooner or you are a grandparent who already has a newborn baby, you may want to take a few tips to help you get along well with your child.

1. You should never criticize your child even if he or she does not make mistakes or properly nurtures. Recall when you are raising your first child and experiencing all the trial and error, and have a positive mind that your child can feel good as a good parent now.

2. It is a good idea to let your child take care of you in the way your child does. Of course, you can give your know-how and give advice, but you should never force yourself to follow your way. He remembers that his own children are children, not his own children. However, I do not hesitate to support my child so that I can ask him / her advice at any time.

3. Do not feel uncomfortable if your child does not listen to your advice. It is important not to accept these things personally, but to support them to act independently instead. It is best to stop visiting your child from time to time to see your grandchildren.

4. It is best not to create a situation in which you take care of your child. Instead, it is a good idea to choose a way to help when your child wants to. Just as when you yourself raised your first child, your child should be able to enjoy the joy of childcare and learn and experience a lot in the process.

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