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Marital relations are not always filled with happiness and pleasure. It may seem like a seemingly perfect pair of pictures, but conflicts and controversies that can not be narrowed by two people always arise. Even married couples who enjoy a healthy family life can have a great deal of conflict due to a very minor and subtle problem. Moreover, if you have young children, you may want to show them what you should not see in front of your child.

Minor controversy does not become a big problem for young children unless they fight hard and fight each other. On the other hand, serious controversy can have a significant impact on family relationships and emotional well-being. This can also negatively affect the growth of the child, such as physical battles or loud noises, which have a significant impact on the children's mental health and inner happiness.

Your child's suffering

Fighting between couples can be an inevitable part of life. It also includes living in the home. Of course this is normal, but if the conflict is not resolved easily, it will have a detrimental effect on the environment, which can cause destructive behavior or cause negative emotions. Some parents may show more aggressive and destructive behavior to their opponents, depending on their tendency, for example, spitting out physical controversy or incorrect terms. It does not mean that you understand your words because you are still. There is nothing that can be solved while mutually harsh words are exchanged.

Children are exposed to the environment filled with these various rage, hatred, hostility, and stress. Growing up in this environment can affect not only your child's inner feelings, but also the way you interact with your school buddies and people around you. In other words, it can cause emotional and mental problems. Instability can persist for a period of time, and some studies suggest that even a six-month-old can feel the parent's emotional stress. This can be very harmful to your child's growth.

Children who grow up under much-struggling parents may appear to be growing seemingly, but they are not accustomed to constant exposure to this environment. Even if parents try to avoid controversy about the couple fighting, children still remain affected. On the other hand, most parents may think that children will not be noticed if they simply argue with closed visits, but parents can see enough of their hostility toward each other. This not only undermines the development of the child's emotions, but can also affect adults in a way that treats others in some way.

What parents should do

Parents should be able to fully explain what their children need to understand and understand. Since the controversies and conflicts that arise from marital relations are inevitable anyway, how to manage them is the most important. Even if you do not go into the details of the controversy, it is desirable to talk to your child as much as possible about why it happened and why it is not. At the end, however, you must be able to convince your children that it is wrong to have such a controversy. Instead of striking, you should be able to tell that reaching other solutions, such as talking or talking, is a healthier option.

Also, if your child witnessed the parents' debate in front of them, you need to adjust the water level so that it does not lead to a bigger debate. It is important to make sure that even though the fighting is proceeding as it is, the parents still feel that they love and support their children. The couple should be aware that they have to manage their conflicts well, and should be able to recognize that there are moments with uncontrollable emotions.

The most important thing is to realize the negative consequences that can result when you are fighting in front of your child. Conflicts are inevitable, but they must be managed in a peaceful way. If this is difficult, then it is ideal to find a way to overcome the wisdom of a professional. This can reduce the negative impact on your child as a result.

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