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[Parenting] How to get through your child’s first school visit

Photo Source: Flickr

Entrance into elementary schools can be frightening for both parents and children. However, if parents are physically and mentally prepared, you do not have to be so nervous about your child's first entrance to school.

When a child crosses a classroom door for the first time, both the child and the parent can feel the excitement, feelings of tension, uncertain joy, and all other mixed feelings.

But Michelle Doyle Wildman, president of the Association of Parent Teachers' Association in the UK, says there are simple ways to start your first school life without being overwhelmed by these feelings.

Tips for preparing your child for the first time include:

First of all, you have to make sure that your child has an expectation about entering the school for the first time. Children should read books or stories about how fun the school is. And you should talk to your friends who already have a child who goes to school.

It is also good to have your child try on a new school uniform. You should also have a positive and relaxed mind. When parents are anxious, their children become nervous.

It is also good to give homework to the child in advance. Knowing what your child is doing at school is a good thing to do every day and have a positive impact on your child's learning.

It is good to actively participate in work related to school. You should actively look for events related to the school or dinner for parents before enrollment. It is also a good idea to take an opportunity to get to know other parents or teachers, such as attending parent teacher meetings or serving in school affairs.

Having a positive, enthusiastic, and calm mind for your child to enter school for the first time will have a major impact on your child's acceptance of the very beginning of important academic life that he or she will have to move forward.

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