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What should we do about true education that will bring out the potential of our children? There are a variety of parental awards, including strict parents, friends and parents. In recent years, educational methods such as coaches have been attracting attention.

Mitchell Albom 's "Tuesday with Morrie" is a popular memoir. The writer was in chronological order, recalling the anecdote with Professor Mori Schwartz (who died of Lou Gehrig's disease) at the time of his studies at Brandeis University.

Professor Mori is not the biological father of an Albom writer, but has been seen as the father's statue throughout the story. In addition, the plot of this book deals with coach's skills as an approach that parents can use to develop their child's emotional and social skills.

Parents as coaches support you when your child makes a choice in life, and encourage them to do their best when they make decisions. Rather than expressing tough, destructive criticism, parents can use effective methods, such as suggesting the likelihood that a child will be in the process of pursuing a decision.

These coaching skills help children develop decision-making skills. Instead of avoiding decisions, you can also encourage accountability.

Principle of parent coach

The most basic policy of parents, such as coaches, is to encourage and constructive criticism for children. The Child Development Association offers effective ways for parents to act as coaches to their children.

First, it suggests what to do about the decisions that children make. However, you should not directly address why you should not avoid your own decisions. This is because it blocks children's curiosity and imagination.

Second, encourage children to express their feelings. You can lead to asking about the mood of a child. Once you ask a question, you have to wait for the child to express his / her feelings. This method can enhance your child's social skills.

Finally, you should teach your children the right time and the right way to ask them, as most coaches do. Asking children to follow the time and manner of their requests is a kind of training. Parents like coaches do not want their kids to eat spoiled or harmful food.

Training through constructive criticism

Sometimes parents tend to be professional. Parents focus on making their children a good person. But they do not realize that they are making constructive criticism against children, but destructive criticism. Parents should not forget that their words can be too harsh for their children.

The coach encourages athletes to improve their skills in many ways. By pointing out areas of improvement and saying appropriate ways, children can accept their condition instead of accepting unconditionally.

It is a sensitive issue to criticize everything that parents say is important to children. Children are easily hurt by words that parents inadvertently threw. As a result, children's energy is consumed and discouraged.

The coach knows how to direct team players to win the game. I also expect what will happen next round. As a parent, you need to learn how to encourage your children in a useful and productive way to make your child win the game.

Set goals you can win in a game

As a parent, coaches must set goals in addition to coaching through constructive criticism. A good coach has the ability to predict the progress of the game. This maximizes the player's potential.

In parenting, parents must set goals that their children can achieve. You should not force good results without considering the abilities of children.

Healthy Place, a family mental health specialist site, presents goals for parents as a coach. "It is important to develop children's emotional and social skills so that they can develop their rational thinking skills," he said.

Parents should be taught to balance their children with rational thinking and emotional and social development. Through this method, children learn to logically solve problems without help from others.

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