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It is the responsibility of all parents and also the adversity of parenting. However, parenting is an activity necessary to help your child grow up properly, and does not mean that you have to provide everything for your child. Sometimes when a child is doing something wrong, he or she must make the child aware of the consequences of what he or she has done through discipline. To treat too generously can rather regret the parents.

However, busy modern parents tend to be unable to cheat when their child is wrong. Of course, it can be arising from the desire to allow me to enjoy the material abundance as a reward for the inability to spend time with my child as the double working income increases. Let's see why parents can not properly discipline their children.

My child, I accidentally did it just wrong?

Parents who think that children have intentionally done some bad behavior are in fact very few. So you do not have to mess up your kids unnecessarily. Of course this can happen, but it is important to educate your child to recognize the consequences of the behavior.

For example, if a child accidentally smashes or breaks something, it is not good to be angry or hateful. This is because the direct blame is not good because the child did not intentionally do it. However, it is not desirable to leave the situation as it is. Rather, it is a good idea to use this opportunity as a learning time to explain the concept of responsibility to your child.

It means that you should not avoid intentional mistakes and consequences. In this case, it is good to suggest to the child to remove the broken things together. In the future, this will be a great help in recognizing that this situation will happen equally and showing that you have the right responsibilities accordingly. If you do not have this time, your child will not accept full responsibility for your actions.

Is there a short time with my child?

Parents who spend most of their time in the workplace will feel guilty every time they see a child's face after returning from work. And you want to offset your time of absence by giving your child something as good as it can be. This precious time is disgusting to discipline children and consume energy.

However, it is not good for a child to think like this as a parent. There are many ways to discipline children without raising their voices and getting angry. Why the child's behavior is not right, and in what ways the child's behavior can be corrected, in a calm and steady tone.

For example, you should sit down with your child first and explain to your child why your behavior is not correct, with a soft, gentle but firm tone. And you have to make sure that your child's actions can count the position of the wounded opponent. At this moment the child realizes that he is wrong. And this short but precious time is the process of growing a child 's values.

Do not you want to see your child's angry appearance?

When a parent disciplines due to a child's behavior, most children can become somewhat depressed. And in fact many parents are afraid of this part. It is the fact that his child can feel upset, angry and angry because of his discipline. So, I try to approach the emotional aspect of the child in advance so as to be soft and emotional. However, this environment is not good for the growth of the child. This is because you can be the first person to put your feelings first.

Parents, even if the child is not feeling well with their parents scolding them, should not be taken seriously. The child's rage is only for a short time, but when it grows up, it will come to think of this part as thankfulness. Because children will eventually grow up and marry and have children, they will experience moments when they will have the same experience as their parents. It is wise to think that instead of suffering from the mood of the child, his behavior comes from the purpose of loving the child and making the right person. The anger that parental discipline can have is the moment, but this can be the right way to shape the character of a child for life.

When you are a child, does it all grow up?

Some parents may think that their children are still immature and behave incorrectly. He underestimates the problems that the child is having, and mistakes these things for growth. But this is not the right way to deal with your child's behavior. If this is the case, if a child reaches a more sensitive teenager, it can become more difficult to deal with the child.

It is not necessary to explain to your child in a very profound and detailed way why your actions are not correct. It is important to try to explain at a level that your child can understand. In fact, according to one survey, more than 80% of respondents said that the primary goal of disciplining their child is to teach correctly, not punishment. As you can see here, it is good to explain why you did what you did to suit your child's age, without punishing or embarrassing the child. And these explanations will make it possible for your child to measure your partner's mind to some extent without disturbing others.

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