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Rearing is not easy. I just want the child to be nice and responsible, but the road is long and hard. In the process of becoming an adult, a child also experiences conflicts and makes decisions that change his or her life. From elementary school to high school, children are not always under the supervision of their parents, so parental parenting laws are put on the test at the same time the child makes several decisions. It is a nightmare that a child does not want to imagine as a parent. This nightmare becomes reality when one realizes that one day our child will be bullied. Sadly it happens in the home of reality. Understanding my child who harassed another child According to Mary L. Pulido, a representative of the New York Child Abuse Prevention Association (SPCC), a bullying ward student has a variety of backgrounds, including ethnic, racial, socioeconomic, gender, . It would be hard for my child to accept the act of giving pain and humiliation to their peers.
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A 12-year-old son was sent to school from a school where a student was called by his son to be harassed. The school's findings revealed that Gina's son had been harassing classmates, including violence and sexual harassment. "It was so embarrassing and embarrassing. At the same time, my heart hurt. " "The child is not locked in the same role," writes Rosalind Wiseman, author of the original "Queen Bees and Wannabes, "It is easy to be a perpetrator depending on the circumstances of the harassment," he said. "Parents should be aware that they do not know what is happening to their child." I can not say that the child acts outside as at home. The opposite is also true. Most children do not act at school as they do at home. Parents usually blame their own blaming for their child's abuse of other children, but Waisman says, "There are many reasons why parents can not recognize their child's inappropriate behavior. So it's not because parents are irresponsible. "

Why is it bothering another child? Harassment does not necessarily mean 'bad child'. Dr. Jamie Howard of the Institute of Child Minds said, "The child participates in all kinds of activities. However, this activity does not project who the child is. They continue to know the world. A good child also makes mistakes in the process. " Let's look at why our child is harassing another child. parenting-what-if-my-child-is-bullied I want to hang out with a group of friends who lead bullying. parenting-what-if-my-child-is-bullied I want to feel a sense of superiority by doing the same to other children in the situation where oneself is being bullied at home or school. parenting-what-if-my-child-is-bullied I want to be interested in teachers, parents, and classmates, but other methods do not work. parenting-what-if-my-child-is-bullied It is originally self-righteous and impulsive. parenting-what-if-my-child-is-bullied Even if it is not true, the object of harassment acts the same because it feels that it is hostile to itself. parenting-what-if-my-child-is-bullied He thinks that he is just a joke and does not understand the outcome of his actions. parenting-what-if-my-child-is-bullied I try to regain my low self-esteem by acting impulsively on another child.

Stop Harassing If you know that a child has annoyed your classmates, you should talk about the situation rather than shouting. You should show an attitude that you are ready to listen to your child's position at the same time. At this time, Weisman warned, "If students who are bullied are well-spoken and have good sociality, if they feel a crisis of their own behavior, they can distort their work in school and rationalize their actions" . At this time, parents should instill responsibility even if the child is stimulated, and ask which part of the school or other child's parents is true. This allows us to know as much as possible the truth of the work and teach the child how to be responsible for his actions. Parents should not blame others. You should also refrain from saying "my child can not do such a thing". As mentioned earlier, it is impossible to supervise children outside the home all day. Going back to the case of Reina Gina, the Gina and his son talked about the reason why the son did such things. And I learned that my son 's self - esteem is very low. She said, "My child felt power and control by harassing someone. My son said, 'It was better to be known as the worst child than there is no presence in school.' " Since then, they have been bullied at home and have not been allowed to speak or joke like students. "It's not always perfect, but if anyone in my family does something wrong, we talked together as a family," she added.

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