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No matter how beautiful your child is and how precious you are, you can not grow anything. There is a saying that if you love, do not spare the hawk. But nowadays, there are a lot of parents who give a modest punishment such as going out, rather than picking up a fence. If you know the following things when you are punished for going out to children, you will be able to do more effective discipline, and children will also be able to understand the purpose of going out and look back on their actions.

What is a ban on going out and what effect does it have?

As Kids Behavior says, many parents use outings as a way to discipline their children. This is especially effective for teenagers. For decades, many families have recognized the use of child restraint as a way of disciplining children.

Going out is basically a punishment that prohibits a child from meeting with friends for a certain period of time or going out of the house at all. It is a way to prevent your child from going to a party that is held late at night when he or she does something that should not be done. Even if you are at home, you may be prohibited from watching TV, or you may not be able to use your mobile phone to prevent contact with the outside world.

Basically, to discipline your child, you may wish to have a good child, but some parents are so obsessed with the prohibition of going out, and sometimes forget about what is important and what is forbidden to go out for. It is not helpful at all to banish going out in an arguing and emotional quarrel with your child, and it is only a rebellion. If it is wrong, trust between the parent and the child may be broken. Naturally, the original purpose of disciplining children can not be achieved.

Principles to follow when going out

Since it is the parent who knows the child best, the behavior of the child can be slightly different considering the personality and the situation. Therefore, it is important to follow the principles presented here, but to judge specific details at the discretion of the parents. First of all, it is important to understand why children are prohibited from going out. Berry Wellmind explained the principles to follow when prohibiting going out as a discipline strategy:

'Do not go out,' make sure you know exactly where to go.

You must clearly define what your child can and can not do when going out. Whether you can go outside only, whether you can not go to the party you were expecting from before, and how much you can use electronic devices. For example, what about a friend's birthday party that was supposed to go this weekend? As such, even if it is prohibited to go out, the degree and the aspect vary greatly. It is best to make this part as detailed as possible when making a curfew. Of course, this is the part that parents can flexibly adjust depending on the seriousness of the mistake the child made, or the nature and circumstances of the child.

It is not strictly prohibited to go outside the house because it is prohibited to go out. Forbidden for several days, such as meeting friends at a place outside the school, participating in club activities or community events, restricting activities they have met with friends every weekend, such as sports and park walks, watching TV in the house or using smartphones And the like may all be included in the category of 'prohibition of going out'.

Explain to your child clearly what you have done wrong and how much you will be prohibited from going out. When prohibiting going out, it is best to speak in a tone that is as strong as possible but not emotionally expressed. So the children also realize that their parents are really serious. Also, let your children understand that going out is ultimately for your child.

As a simple example, let's say that you set a curfew at home. It is a situation that I made a promise to my children that I had to come home before 10 pm. In fact, it is true that if you come home after this time, especially if you return home after midnight. If your child breaks the time even though you have clearly set the curfew, then your child will understand even if you are not going out. I will keep the curfew more carefully because I think that I might be forbidden to go out in the future. With such clear standards, understanding your child and applying a curfew, you can minimize emotional exhaustion and discipline wrong behavior.

Your child should be with you when punishment rules are set.

It is a good idea to reflect your child's opinions when deciding on outgoing ban standards or related rules. It is not only a chance to think about your own mistakes, but it is much easier to accept them because you have participated in your own decision-making process. It will grow into an adult who can take responsibility for his actions and promises.

If you have the opportunity, sit down with your child and list the errors your child may commit. And let's talk about how much punishment you think is appropriate for such an action, and let's hear what your child's thoughts are like. If you set these rules in advance before you make a real mistake, you can prevent impulsive punishment and regretting your child when you really make the mistake later.

Forbidden to go out, if it is too long, it is bigger than the gain.

If the prohibition period is too long, the original intention of punishment may be forgotten and only the repulsion may be raised. Also, do not forget that friendships and interpersonal relationships are important to your children. If you block out your child's relationship too long, you can get more than you earn. Keep in mind that no matter how long you go, you should not go over two or three weeks and if it lasts more than a month, it may adversely affect you.

It is also a way to reduce the period by rewarding good behavior during the ban. Helping you do household chores, doing errands, or doing homework or reviewing your lessons will help you to avoid going out. Of course, this should only be done to 'shorten' the period, and even if you do something wrong, it is difficult to get a sense that it can be lifted straight away if you do just the housework.

Prohibition of going out can be a very effective way of disciplining your child if you keep the principles outlined above and keep the balance between prize and punishment. Through this, the child will understand and respect the rules set by the parents, and will know where they can do what they can do. It is also very important for your child to grow into a responsible adult.

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