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[Health] Gestational diabetes early symptoms, ‘good food for diabetes’ can be solved … What food should I eat?


What is diabetes?

Diabetes mellitus is a type of metabolic disorder caused by insulin secretion not functioning normally, and blood glucose concentration is higher than normal. Hyperglycemia causes many symptoms and signs, and urine releases glucose. Such diabetes is divided into type 1 and type 2, type 1 diabetes is caused by the failure to produce insulin is diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is caused by the development of insulin resistance, insulin resistance is the function of insulin, glucose is not able to effectively burn.

The 'diabetes good food'

1. Onions

Onions have the ability to lower blood sugar levels. Cooked and steadily ingested will help alleviate symptoms and prevent them. This is because the sesquisten and trishulfide components produced when the onion is heated lower cholesterol levels.

2. Garlic

Garlic helps improve blood circulation. Alicin, an ingredient in garlic, promotes the secretion of insulin. It also helps boost the absorption of glucose into the cells along with vitamin C. When eating garlic, it is best to cook and cook.

3. Red beans

There is a saying that red bean has cleared blood from ancient times. Red beans are effective in enhancing pancreatic function and are useful for vascular diseases such as hangover or atherosclerosis. However, it is better not to add sugar when you are eating red beans.

4. Little

Diuretics have blood sugar lowering and blood circulation improving effect, and it is helpful for diabetes if you eat it steadily. It is a common cooking method to dip in the boiled water and eat it in the red pepper paste.

It can be eaten with herbs.

5. The goose

It is also good for diabetes, it increases blood leukocyte levels and lowers blood sugar levels, which is helpful for people with diabetes and hypertension. It is recommended to consume water after consultation with a physician because it consumes boiling water mainly in water, but people who have a lot of body heat may get vomiting and abdominal pain when ingested.

6. Omiza

The five flavors of Omi fruit have long been known to be good for diabetes. Omija has the effect of lowering the blood sugar level, so it is good to boil tea or soak in blue.

Gestational diabetes threatens fetus and mother

Gestational diabetes is a disease that occurs in pregnant women regardless of the degree of hyperglycemia. It occurs when the hormone secreted by the fetus does not normally function in the mother's insulin secretion. Gestational diabetes mellitus is largely symptomless, but most of it is found through prenatal testing. So, the way to improve your symptoms through diet control is to use Omija. Omiza has a particularly good effect on gestational diabetes.

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