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If you are expecting a quiet rest at home, it is best to wait for your child to sleep. Especially children tend to talk without hesitation. It also interferes with important business calls, and it can be interrupted during talking. Children need to be taught to be calm and courteous conversational, of course.

Why do children interfere with adults

Health News According to Health Day, children believe that every person and thing in the world, including their parents, exists for themselves until they are three or four years old. Also, in this period, the infant tends to tell what he thinks because the short - term memory does not develop properly. Waiting and forgetting what you were trying to say.

Also, children at this time do not fully understand that parents sometimes have to devote to something other than themselves. It is the same with other people. Health Day says that these impulsive behaviors of young children gradually disappear with the development of short-term memory.

Children grow up as they grow and learn how to talk when others are talking.

Children's behavior, which interferes with adults' conversations and activities, is often irritating, and some parents are unable to tolerate them and make children scream. However, these habits of children can be corrected. One of the important things parents should know about their children's behavior is that they do not do this to deliberately upset their parents. So you have to be patient. When raising a child, there are times when the child is angered or reacts extensively to mistakes or mistakes. However, it is difficult for adult parents to lose their temper and become angry.

▲ A child who is blocking his ears (source = Wikimedia Commons)

Teach children not to disturb

Talk to your children in advance, or explain why they should not interfere with your parents.

Health and well-being information According to the website "Berry Well Family," it is the parents' job to explain why children should not interfere with adults. Even if you have to repeat the explanation several times. Explain that if you are interrupted, you will not be able to do what you need to do. Nevertheless, if you continue to interrupt, the longer you end your work, the more time you will have to wait for your child to look, or to hear what you have asked for.

It is also a way to ignore your child's interference. It may not be easy at first. In addition, some children ask for attention with a louder voice. However, if this attitude is seen repeatedly, the child understands that interrupting the work of an adult does not get the attention he desires.

There is also a way to use a timer. The Berry Well Family recommends using a timer to make appointments with your child. I set the time on the timer and promise not to disturb my mom and dad until the alarm sounds, unless it is an emergency. During that time, you may be able to provide a distance for your child to watch TV, play dolls, read books, and so on.

Recalling that there are some rules in family life, you can discipline your child through dialogue. Let's look at effective discipline.

1. When your child is showing signs of disturbance,

If a child seems to be interfering with their parents' words or things, they should immediately say that they can not help at the moment. Also, when you are done with what you are doing, you should let them know that you will help.

2. Show a good example of polite conversation

The modern lifestyle brand 'Madoli' says that it is important for parents to set a good example of good communication. Children carry what they have learned from their parents and have taken them up to a considerable age. For example, telling kids to clean up their toys right away and telling them that play time is almost finished rather than expecting to obey them is a way of respecting the child. Also, when children talk or say their thoughts, they should refrain from interrupting their speech in order to make intellectual or comforting words.

3. Make a hand gesture or secret signal of two

When your child is trying to disrupt what you do, let's lightly grasp the child's hand. Knowing that you want to say something to your child, but sending a message that you can not listen to it right away. Madari suggests two signals to apply to 'wait' and 'long'.

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