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[Parenting] Puppies help the elderly health

Photo Source: Pxhere

Research shows that elderly people grow puppies when their outdoor activities expand and become healthier.

Analysts at Cambridge University and researchers at the University of East Anglia have found that raising a dog or walking with a dog can help the health of older people. Especially, it can improve the health of people who have low motions.

When dogs are raised, elderly people are outdoors in bad weather, so their mental state and health status improve.

The researchers questioned whether more than 3,000 elderly subjects were raising dogs or walking their dogs.

We also asked them to use the pedometer and see how much the actual activity level had been raised for seven days.

Dr. Yoo-Woo of Cambridge University, author of the study, said, "As people age, their level of physical activity decreases. "But we were not sure what the most effective way to help keep it going when we get older."

Studies have shown that people who own puppies have an average of more than 30 minutes of activity each day.

"The people walking the dog were much more active and generally did not have much time to sit down. When we looked at how daily physical activity varies according to the weather conditions, we were amazed at the huge differences between the walkers and the rest of the participants. "

As adults age, their activity decreases noticeably. In the UK, middle-aged physical activity is recommended to be more than 150 minutes per week, with less than half of the elderly population meeting this recommended activity.

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