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▲ Confidence makes a child stronger (Source = Pixar Bay)

Sensitive adolescent girls are easily frustrated when they are teased by someone as "ugly" or "fat". Little boys also feel a great disappointment as they give up the dream of a basketball player. Parents are very sick when they see their children coming back home crying because they are mocked by their friends.

As you get older, everyone gets hurt by sticks and stones that people throw. This is a sick reality we all have to face. Life is different from a fairy tale world that can turn from old age into a beautiful princess to do good. Rather, it is a ruthless competition that pushes others down the cliff to climb to the top.

Parents are obligated to observe the role of the guardian and at the same time to properly prepare the children to experience the sober reality. But do not make your children too afraid of what they will see in the future.

'Confidence' is one of the most important qualities to be a 'successful adult'. A blogger at says, "One truth is that confident people have a positive impact on the world. Because they have the ability to believe in themselves and to pull their potential beyond reality. "

Pop SugarSite said, "Children with high self-esteem tend to be successful, independent, happy, and willing adults." But confidence is not something your child develops alone. Rather, it is the result of parenting. Therefore, parents should learn to do not distrust their children's efforts even in small matters.

▲ praise is for self-confidence (Source: Pixar Bay)

Begin with praise and encouragement

Everything that parents do to their children is important. Imagine that your child brought in a small piece of art in the class. It is recommended that you put your work on the door of the refrigerator and be proud of it or put the trophy on the shelf where anyone can see it. The child feels happy about what he or she has done.

The Serendipity site emphasized, "Your child should feel that they are proud of their parents." Young children always need the support and encouragement of important people. I also want to be interested in what my parents like to do, what kind of things they are interested in, what they like, and hopefully they will always be on the same side.

There is a subtle difference between 'arrogance' and 'confidence', so parents should be able to distinguish real confidence. You should make sure that what your child has done has taught them to grow up to be better, not to be humble or confident. You should also teach your heart to love yourself.

Children should know that they can not please everyone around them. Above all, you should like what you do. A positive image of yourself is also the first step toward having a confident and positive mindset. Fun and exciting things will make your child's future brighter.

Interaction with peers helps to build confidence (Source: Pixar Bay)

Peer group, confidence in child

It is also necessary to encourage children to work actively with their peers. Many children are spending more time in the digital world than they are in reality, so it's best to help them get along well with other children and build personal relationships. It is good to invite your child's friends to open a small party with ice cream or pancakes.

It is also possible to teach your child the right level of assignments and responsibilities. If you succeed, you will feel good, and according to Pop Sugar, this is a very effective way of building trust between you and your child.

If your child makes a mistake while performing a task, make sure you recognize it first. You should not try to cross it properly or hide it. Parents need to be calm and empathic to teach their children how to solve the problem after they are sure they are okay.

Most importantly, you do not compare your child to another child. You do not have to be disappointed even if you did second place in a song contest. Communicating the message 'not enough of your abilities' to your child can have a very negative impact on self-esteem. Children who have grown up with these injuries are likely to suffer from psychological problems that constantly seek recognition or praise from their surroundings.

Even if your child does not achieve the desired accomplishment, the parent should make sure that the child's behavior is good enough. Children always want to please their parents. Therefore, the best way for parents to do this is to appreciate what their child is doing and express their love and concern directly in words.

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