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Kindergarten and elementary school summer vacation is approaching. If you can not think of a place other than a kids' cafe, see this article. If you plan ahead, you will be able to build a memorable memory with your child in the budget. This summer vacation, 0 ways to have fun with your child.

1 Summer Reading Program

If you participate in the summer reading program, you can read the books in the textbooks in advance. According to the Very Well Family, a child can develop his or her reading habits so that he or she can learn not only in the classroom but also in the real world. Many libraries conduct a summer reading program. There are also programs that give gifts when you reach your reading goals. If we reach the goal and receive a gift, will we run again to the library the next day?

2 Night Activities

Make an outdoor movie theater on the roof or in the park and watch the movie with your child. Using the Beam project, which is presented by children's equipment and educational companies, you can enjoy your favorite images in the open air. It is good to add popcorn or sweets. After watching the movie, try to have a little party under the starlight, or play a game of finding objects. According to Parenting Webzine Parents, you can download a constellation search from the NASA Kids website and print out a paper star. You should be able to find the constellation easily by following the instructions on the paper star.

Firefly tags can also be used. Once they all hide with a flashlight. Let the tongue flash a flashlight every 30 seconds to find someone who is hiding.

Garden with 3 themes

According to the Huffington Post, children of all ages like to see plants grown in the garden. Like the first garden in Paju and the garden of Eunice in Ansan, the gardens with themes are rich in sights, places to eat and experiences. Help the young child to water the garden, and let the older child draw the garden he wants.

A child can make or draw a house he wants in the garden. You can play with your children's favorite toys, use the earth as a sketchbook, or find objects by color. Before you find a garden, try to prepare a variety of food for your picnic with your family. You can make yubu-sushi and kimbap together, or make finger foods like sandwiches and skewers.

4 Registration at summer camp

Summer camps are a great opportunity for kids to make new friends. Send it to a summer camp for your interests, such as sports, cooking, and painting. While the child leaves home and develops creativity and has fun, parents can focus on what has been pushed.

5 Dance in the rain

It does not have to be depressing at all if it rains. If it is a rainy day, wear rain boots and boots, you can walk around in the water. It is also good to carry an empty can and feel the rain sound properly.

6 Housework with the child

Spend time cleaning or washing dishes or putting clothes together. Let's share our work and create a pleasant atmosphere. It is a good play to take a child and play with water while playing with a water hose. There is also a toy cookie, which is made by kneading and shaping with a child and baking in the oven. If you can not make a pretty look yet, I recommend a hotcake. Milk, eggs, and hotcook Let's put the powder in a bowl and stir it with a whisk.

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