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Sports is a good way for children to have a good time and to move their body actively. It is very important for parents to have fun in the sport when they want to do athletic activities.

When a child becomes an athlete, the parent becomes a coach and the most ardent fan. With such strong parental support, the child can feel a greater sense of accomplishment. Parental guidance and support is very important, especially for children who start playing at a young age.

In fact, to support a child's athletic life requires a great sacrifice of parents. Parental guidance and support is needed not only in the arena but also anywhere in the home or in the car. When a child starts a career, sports become a big part of their lives.

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First of all, you have to go and cheer your child whenever there is a game. Do not forget to recharge the fraud with words of encouragement before the game. Let's say that you are proud of the success of the game. But do not give the impression that you must pay for the fraud and must win. You should not try to influence the game results in advance. Just let me know you're always watching your child.

You may also want to give advice on the exercise itself, but do not forget that the coach is an expert on sports. I do not want to give too much advice about pre-game sports.

However, the attitude of getting more information about your child's sport is rather encouraging. The more sports information you have, the better your child can support.

When a child wins or loses a game, parents should always stay next to him. When he won, he praised his jumping and celebrated his victory. Apart from the success and failure, let the child always tell parents that he is a winner.

Do not show disappointment when you lose, comfort your child who is depressed, and explain slowly that you do not have to stop exercising once you lose.

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When a child loses a game, sometimes there are parents who play with the child. The best players in the world are constantly making mistakes. Anyone can make mistakes, but a good player gets up quickly after a mistake or losing game.

You also need to know your child's age and physical fitness training according to certain sporting events. It is good to refer to Canada's LTAD (Childhood Lifelong Exercise Program) program. It is a program that divides necessary physical training according to the child's age, physical, cognitive, emotional and social development.

For example, 6 - year - olds and 11 - year - olds have different physical limitations. In addition, the strength of the mental pressure to be able to cope during the game varies according to ages.

The money that a child takes when playing a player life is also hard. First you need a coach to improve your skills, and you have a lot of uniforms and extra costs. You also have to take your child to training and stadiums every time.

However, even if a child wants to quit his / her workout, he / she should not think that he / she has spent time and money. The child would have had a great life lesson that he could not learn at school while playing.

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