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Women's Kegel exercise helps a variety of female diseases ▲ Source: Pixar Bay

The Kegel exercise is a movement that repeats the unraveling of the urinary muscles as if urinating. In the case of women, the vaginal contraction exercise is repeated to loosen and tighten the vaginal muscles. In the case of the male, too, the muscles are tied up and relaxed while thinking about when the urine persists.

The Kegel movement does not require special places or methods, but it can be easily done anywhere. Source: Pixar Bay

Kegel exercise is known to have a very good effect on the health of the urinary system. This exercise does not require a simple and special place, so it can be done anytime and anywhere easily. Women in particular are very helpful for chronic urinary problems such as urinary incontinence or vaginitis.

Let's take a closer look at the effects and methods of the female Kegel movement.

Various effects of Kegel exercise

The first stage of the female Kegel exercise is to shrink the vagina for about one second and relax the tension as when urinating. At this time, it is important not to use nearby muscles such as belly, buttocks and legs. The second stage is to keep the vagina contracted for a long time after the first stage has become accustomed. Repeated repetition of this makes it easier to maintain a contracted state. If you can maintain this contraction, try various stretching postures (laying on the floor, lifting your knees and hips, legs, etc.) and repeat the exercise. Exercise regularly for at least 5 minutes, twice a day.

The Kegel movement is a great help for the general health of women. Source: Pixar Bay

The effect of female Kegel exercise is not only helpful for the urinary system but also for uterine health. This exercise during pregnancy, especially when the uterus strengthens the muscles of the perineum is a great help to increase the holding force. Strengthening the perineal muscles in this manner can prevent damage to the perineal area during delivery and prevent diseases such as hemorrhoids and surrounding areas. However, for pregnant women, do not exercise too much. Repeat 5 ~ 6 times at a time and gradually increase it to 2 ~ 30 times.

Women's Kegel exercise can be used to strengthen the perineum during pregnancy. ▲ Source:

Women's Kegel exercise also helps dryness in the vagina. Even if you do not use lubricant or vaginal dry lubrication lubricant, if you exercise Kegel, it will help your vaginal health by shrinking and lubrication inside the vagina. The elasticity of the vagina causes the vaginal opening to be filled with air. At this time, the Kegel exercise also helps improve the elasticity of the vagina, preventing air from entering the vagina.

The Kegel movement in the right way is important.

Recently, a variety of Kegel exercises have been introduced to help the Kegel movement. It ranges from spring-type instruments that fit inside the thighs to vibrating instruments that vibrate spontaneously. There are many women's Kegel exercises that women can use. Here equestrian exercise equipment can act like a Kegel exercise and can help the Kegel exercise.

When exercising Kegel, do not give excessive pressure or force to the surrounding muscles. ▲ Source: Wikimedia Commons

It is important to use vaginal muscles rather than hip muscles when performing female Kegel exercises. If you use muscles such as the waist or hips rather than the vaginal muscles, you will often have pain and back pain in the joints.

For this reason, it is good to visit the obstetrician before going to the Kegel exercise to check the condition of your uterus and pelvis. In recent years, it is also possible to check the pressure of the vagina. After checking the contracting force or pressure of the vagina, the Kegel exercise can be used to plan proper exercise intensity or pattern. Therefore, proper exercise at a level appropriate for your health will strengthen the urinary and vaginal muscles without affecting the surrounding muscles.

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