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It is natural for children to be curious as they grow up. Children ask questions around everything. I want to know how everything around them is made. Information acquired at a young age is mostly from parents. Parents play an important role in making their children friendly and passionate.

The face of sexual role in society

Sexual role is a standard set by society for the way men and women dress themselves in appropriate clothes and express themselves in front of others. A large number of people believe in the sex role that society has set, and they also have narrow-mindedness about those who do not obey the sexual role. For example, women generally have to look 'feminine' and think that only women can wear a dress. And while I expect women to behave polite and submissive, I think men will act aggressively, brave, and tough.

Sex stereotypes are still prevalent in many cultures around the world. A number of studies have been conducted to demonstrate the physical and mental health of a child by forcing a gender standard. Researchers at Johns Hopkins Public Health and World Health Organization conducted studies to determine the status of gender identity development in many countries around the world.

Professor Christine Marie, a senior researcher at the Global Early Adolescent Study, and Professor Christine Marie of Johns Hopkins Public Health, said, "The health risks of adolescents arise from behaviors rooted in sexual roles that are formed around the age of 10-11. "We are investing billions of dollars in youth health programs globally, but we are not seeing any effect until the age of 15," he said.

If there is a problem with gender standards, the risk factors for men to be affected are drug abuse, suicide and short life expectancy, while women are exposed to child marriage, pregnancy, withdrawal, sexually transmitted infections, .

The study was conducted on more than 900 people in 15 countries.

Influence of sex stereotypes

As a parent, it is important to let your children know how gender stereotypes affect men and women. Following gender stereotypes can cause harmful effects and make you unable to express yourself. For example, a man who looks stronger than a woman will hesitate to cry or express sensitive feelings. On the other hand, women may not get enough opportunities because they are considered weak.

There are four basic gender stereotypes that can have a significant impact on men and women.

1. Personality Attributes: While women are protected and emotional, men are considered self-confident and aggressive.

2. Behavior at home: Housework such as cleaning or cooking is expected to be monetary for men as it is passed on to women.

3. Occupation: On the professional side, teachers and nurses should be women, while men expect airline pilots, doctors and technicians.

4. Physical Appearance: While expecting women to be graceful and dry, the male expects a tall, muscular body.

Children's sexual identity

Children slowly develop their gender identity between the ages of two and four. At this time, sexual role behaviors are learned. Children learn how males and females behave and how they "fit" in society. And express themselves with clothes and hair styles, favorite names or nicknames, and social behavior. Parents can also identify their child's sexual identity through methods, behavior, physical gestures, nonverbal behaviors, and social relationships.

Teaching Your Child's Sexual Role

You need to educate your child about the role of sex when you are a child. Because young children can accept openly that there are other sexual identities and sexual orientations. Parents should encourage their children to explore the diversity of their sexual roles.

And you have to show movies and TV shows that show your children that they have various sex roles without formalizing men and women. At the same time, you should provide various toys to choose from, including dolls, toy cars, action figures, and blocks, regardless of your child's gender.

And expose the children to a variety of sports and activities. You should be able to make friends with your own choices and know what you prefer.

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