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Many women experience the same pregnancy and childbirth. Everyone is pregnant for the first time and experiences the first birth. The pregnancy that suits for the first time without any experience is thrilling to any woman, but it becomes gradually fearful mind when encountering the battle. Just how to prepare for the birth and do not know what changes in the body during pregnancy.

We need to face the reality that is coming soon. Most women, regardless of what they have heard or seen or read through the book, are all suffering from lack of information if they become pregnant. So, for every woman who is pregnant with her first child, disclose everything you can expect and expect during pregnancy.

22 kinds of pregnancy information

1. Body changes: bleeding or constipation, breast tenderness, fatigue, food craving and dislike, frequent urination, sore throat, morning sickness.

2. There is no proper timing: There is no perfect timing for baby birth. It is a good idea to prepare for your childbirth move which you can suddenly arrive and prepare your mind.

3. Elephant ankle: When I get pregnant, many women sweat their feet and my usual shoes do not fit well. The ankle is like an elephant, but it does not need to worry. After giving birth, the body returns to its original position.

4. Physiological phenomena I do not know: In the middle of pregnancy, until 15 to 28 weeks, the trims and farts come out unconsciously. Let's just take it naturally rather than control it partly,

5. Avoid disappointment: Sometimes you desire something, but sometimes you get the opposite result. The same applies to ultrasound pictures. Even if there is a gender of the child whom he wants, it is wise to overcome this period well considering the pregnancy itself rather than the sex of the child as happiness. Both the daughter and the son are the same new life.

6. There is nothing eternal: After 9 to 10 months of pregnancy and the end of childbirth, the woman's body will undergo another change. For example, it is a physical phenomenon such as the loss of bangs and calcium in the bones. If you think that such a time is important to you, it is good to enjoy the beauty of your own appearance before pregnancy.

7. Fulfillment of Information: It is good for you to acquire information about childbirth and receive education. The more you know, the more strength you can get and the less you fear. By reading books such as natural childbirth, cesarean section, and childcare philosophy, it is necessary to have the ability to decide for themselves what is best for themselves and their families.

8. Birth is hell? Everyone knows that the birth process is difficult. However, if you discuss with your doctor or specialist, you can learn more about your body movements and activities so that you can overcome your childbirth well and lead them well.

9. Let's build a plan to fail: Planning is necessary even during pregnancy. It is important to write your own birth plan on paper and discuss it with the surrounding people. Of course, it is better not to have the expectation that the plan will soon lead to performance. It 's just a plan, not a prophecy.

10. Pelvic pain: When the amniotic fluid bursts, the body is also accompanied by pain and pain. In addition, it does not end in a one-time period, but it must persist and overcome for several hours because it appears constantly. It is good to put a towel between your legs when you walk.

11. Cluttered and messy process: means childbirth. It is very messy and everything is messy. It is good to know in advance.

12. Sweaty body: 1 to 2 weeks after giving birth to sweat soaked in the morning to wake up. At this time, it is good to accept and enjoy your own wet body.

13. Breastfeeding: literally. It will naturally begin breastfeeding and give birth to a baby. You do not have to worry too much or worry about it in advance. Breastfeeding itself is a health benefit for the child, but can also be a valuable time for the mother.

14. Coaguli: The membranes in the nose of a pregnant woman swell up, so you can naturally nose even if you have not snatched before. If you know it in advance, you will not be surprised.

15. Itching Itchy: During pregnancy, the skin of the abdomen tends to be itchy and scratched, which is caused by the fact that the skin is stretched and spreads.

16. Pre-natal physical examination is mandatory: It is very important to check the symptoms that appear in your body since there is little complication during mid and late pregnancy. The sooner you know, the more opportunities you have to treat.

17. The fetus does not know the mother-father relationship: literally.

18. Exercise is essential: Regular exercise is essential, even before pregnancy, as before pregnancy. Of course, you should refrain from exercise that has an unreasonable effect on your child, but it is not always good to stop and quit even if you are pregnant.

19. Caffeine Abstinence: Caffeine intake during pregnancy is not at all beneficial. Because caffeine prevents iron from being easily absorbed, it is advisable to consume all the iron that can be obtained.

20. Stretch Mark (Pregnancy Line): Pregnant line, which is a thin line that occurs in the belly of the pregnant woman or in the breast, becomes excessively swollen as the number of months of pregnancy increases. Surprised by this, do not be embarrassed, it is desirable to apply a soft lotion to protect the skin.

21. Importance of calcium intake: Calcium is a very important nutrient for pregnant women. If dairy products do not fit well, drinking calcium-rich drinks such as orange juice, soy milk, and water is more effective.

22. Come on? Temporary amnesia during pregnancy is an extremely normal phenomenon. It is best to consult a specialist without being embarrassed or misunderstood.

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