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There is no pain in my heart as I hear you say you hate your opponent. Especially if you hear it from the world's most beloved children?

In fact, quite a lot of parents hear this when the child enters puberty. Because a child who is at puberty thinks that the existence of a parent is the most annoying and embarrassing person in the world. In this case, parents usually shout and anger like a child. And I ask myself the question of what is happening.

Parents may want to deny the fact that a child who has always been a mother's gum ticket suddenly suddenly becomes a person who hurts her feelings and hurts her parents. Parents should respond properly to these sudden turns and tears, and hurtful words and actions, but they still make mistakes.

Parental mistake

The first mistake parents make in this situation is to deny them. When a child tells them that they do not like it, parents usually try to refuse the child's feelings by saying "No, it is not" or "It is not your heart." The second mistake is to try to solve the situation without trying to clarify the situation of the child. Of course, the child's unexpected behaviors may not be able to judge the surprise mind properly. But this reaction can make it impossible for parents and children to have the opportunity to completely solve the problem.

Asher Browner, an American family therapist, explained that parents should not make things worse. Browner said that if parents first respond in the same manner and tone as their child's comments, this is the worst possible way to worsen the relationship between parents and children. He also advised that a child is not a suddenly present elsewhere, but rather an unchanging person who has spent his childhood with his parents, and that he can have emotional thoughts, responses, irritation, and anger at puberty. The child is still a human being and can grow into a loving and respectful parent.

▲ Parents should be able to keep calm and calm in their child's response (Source: Pixar Bay)

The importance of childhood education

Browner said parents who answer "no root" or "do not be rude" toward a child who is angry with him are already at a disadvantage. In other words, it can not ignore the parental responsibility for the childhood education, and Brainer emphasized that the basic and basic of the manners to teach the child should start from the age of three. He explains that the child has two struggles to show his strength, one at a young age and the other at puberty. Since childhood, parents need to clearly and firmly teach the meaning and transmission of their words through dialogue. This is a shortcut to build trust. Starting this training at age three, a child can develop his or her abilities as a parent to better understand their expectations of their parents and what they should do to their parents.

Do not take it personally

In some ways, parents may be a greater problem than teenage children. Most of the time, rather than trying to understand the feelings and feelings of teenagers, they simply ignore or overreact. These parents take the child seriously and emphasize and emphasize that they have not grown up. Accepting all the small provocations of the children as personal feelings can make the situation worse and make the problem worse by revealing the role of authoritative and overbearing parents. However, teenage children tend to test their parents when they feel that something is opaque and uncertain in their surroundings. Parents should not express anger.

Browner said that it is important to keep calm and calm in the first place when parents are having an argument with their teenager. It is not necessary to retaliate as a hate right now because you can correct the unbearable behavior of your child and let your child keep the rules at home. It is effective to give your child time to rest for a while.

▲ As a parent, it is important to always keep and protect children by their side (source = fix heir)

Getting help

It is a wise thing to have a similar experience with yourself or to be assisted by parents who are now in such a situation. They are willing to share their experiences and provide unconditional help and advice from the parents who raise the teenage child. Parents can simply ask for help from someone who can listen to their difficulties and give wise advice. In addition, the greater the number of parents, the better solutions and therapies can be utilized, which can have a positive impact. It is important to realize that nurturing is the first experience everyone has, and that it is not always easy. It is also a good idea to actively ask and talk to experienced parents, get information on how to become a positive parent, and get directions. This time of conversation can also be a good opportunity to make new friends and to connect with others in a similar environment.

Stay on the spot

It is a guideline for all parents to know that they should always keep their place so that teenagers can find themselves whenever they need, even if they do not speak or communicate. In this space, it is not good for a child to say or react to himself rebelliously, to get out of the way. It is wise to be around the child, saying that he will continue with other chores. Otherwise, the child can misunderstand that the parents are pushing themselves. According to one study, teenagers spending time with their parents had a significant impact on the child's happiness and well-being. Sometimes the situation with your child is awkward, but you always need to be mindful of trying to be friends with your child.

Recognize as a passing process

When the child returns to his / her feelings, he / she will return to his parents. Parents should watch and give their children time to adjust their emotions. Since then, children and parents can relax and relax more than before. The teenage process everyone is experiencing is very confusing. If you spend this time well, your child will spend a laughing day talking about his parents and children.

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