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[PET] How to Prevent Dog Dementia

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Behavioral changes such as forgetfulness, loss of sense of orientation, and cognitive decline occur when aging progresses. This phenomenon affects not only humans but also animals. However, the precise reason for declining mental abilities with aging is not yet known. Perhaps because the body and neuromuscular system are used for a long time, the size and weight of the brain are getting smaller.

Dogs have dog cognitive dysfunction syndrome if people have Alzheimer's disease. Surprisingly, this disease is common among older dogs. 25% of dogs aged 10 years or older have symptoms of cognitive dysfunction, and 60% of dogs aged 15 years or older have symptoms.

Everyone gets old and goes through old age. There is no way to prevent aging, but at least there is a way to slow down the timing of cognitive impairment or weaken symptoms. First of all, it is training and challenging activities to stimulate the spirit of dogs. These activities can slow down physical aging as well as mental decline.

According to a study by the Salk Institute in the United States, physical exercise is effective in protecting brain and cognitive function and helps prevent dementia. A simple walk alone is good for brain health because it increases the blood circulation in the brain. Proper oxygen and glucose levels are also essential for brain health.

A study by Canadian Laval University showed that people with a lot of exercise (including light and simple walks) had greater brain protection, but those who did not exercise were more likely to get Alzheimer's in their old age.

A similar study was conducted on humans and rats, but can also be applied to dogs.

Therefore, the only way to slow down cognitive dysfunction in dogs is to take a walk and play in a short time every day. The longer the walking time, the slower the mental decline.

Of course, not only the health of the puppy, but also your health is good.

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