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Trivial exercises to learn as the baby grows. But it can be a big challenge for parents. Among them, diaper rinse is one of the difficulties that all parents must pass through. However, this training should not come as a stress. Let's find out everything about baby's training.

Choosing a baby toilet

In order to remove the diaper and to relieve the parents' trouble, it is good to allow the baby to self-defecate as soon as possible. Nowadays, you can buy various kinds of mini toilets on the market. Here are a few.

1. Stand-alone toilet: You can see it as a mini version of a common toilet in the bathroom. It is small enough for children to use, and has a detachable container so that the contents can be taken out. Let's make the design so cute and cute as the baby Yongin so that the baby likes and becomes familiar.

2. Portisite: Portisite is a type that attaches to the toilet at home. The seat is smaller than the normal size at home, so the baby can sit on it and finish the work with more comfort and stability. The size is so small that you do not have to fall into the toilet suddenly, and your baby can get used to the common toilet at home.

3. Convertible toilet seat: You can use it alone, or you can remove the sitting seat part and place it on the existing toilet in your house. Also, it can be used as a staircase for baby under a sink or sink, which is useful in many ways.

Bowel training

Baby bowel training begins in childhood, and if a parent is trained with a constant patience, even a child can be somewhat accustomed to taking a diaper. During the training session, the baby should gradually become accustomed to removing the diaper, such as taking the baby to the toilet whenever she wants to feces, or the diaper for a day and then the diaper for the next day.

Usually in Europe, Africa, and Asia, it is common for babies to remove diapers before they are two years old.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bowel Training

Some advantages and disadvantages of defecation training are presented.


1. It plays a role of encouraging parent-baby bond.

2. Comfort for the baby and the discomfort of filling the diaper can be eliminated.

3. The independence of the baby develops.

4. The use of diapers is reduced and waste is limited.


1. Parents should spend a lot of time and dedication.

2. You may show behaviors that force the baby to perform bowel training.

3. There are many baby mistakes that can occur during the training process.


1. You can forget the training sequence of the bowel movement by forgetting the bowel training itself or other things that attract the baby's attention.

2. A new breeder's birth, moving or sickness, parental conflict, etc. can be seen by the surrounding environment can be affected by the training of bowel movements.

3. You may be afraid of using the toilet.

4. If you made a mistake while using a toilet, you may be embarrassed or traumatized and you may dislike training.

▲ Even if the baby made a mistake during the training, parents should continue training with persistence (Source = Flickr)

Bowel Training Tips

Experts advise that it is best to do a bowel training within four months of birth. To do this, the parent must know the baby's bowel movement routine. For example, it is much easier for parents to train their parents to learn the size and behavior of their baby when they want to see their bowel movements, such as facial expressions or sounds,

Now that you have become accustomed to your baby 's behavior, you can take the baby to the toilet every time such a signal appears, and then sit on the baby toilet and mention the words that lead the baby to the toilet like "shh" or "poo". This is a signal to the baby to recognize the feces.

Also, even if a baby makes mistakes, parents should never be irritated or screamed. Instead, you should remain comfortable and explain exactly what happened to your baby. Through this process, the baby will understand what the feces are from an early age.

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