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Crossfit is a mixture of aerobic exercise and body exercise (Source: Pixar Bay)

Crossfits are physical activities that mix aerobic exercise such as running, jumping rope, rowing, body test such as buffet test, push-up, squat, weight lifting, and various sports according to need. Crossfit is a combination of cross training and fitness. It started in the United States, and soldiers, firefighters, and martial arts athletes practiced physical fitness training.

▲ Crossfit develops the body evenly (Source: Pixar Bay)

Crossfit exercise method

Crossfits train differently every day to develop the body evenly. This training is called a ward. The ward is done in five ways. The first is to perform the training as fast as possible, the second to go through as many rounds as possible, the third to record the weight per round with the correct weight, the fourth to perform the specified number of times within a fixed time, Finally, the maximum possible number of times for each operation is measured.

▲ Crossfit gives you a muscular body (Source = Pixar Bay)

Cross-pit effect

Cross-pit exercises, as well as a diet effect, you can get a muscular body. Not only in the body, but also in the spiritual part can get a great effect. The people who are leading the ward to do the work and those who have already finished the ward during the exercise, give support to those who are still running the ward. In the ward, there is a good relationship between people who are raised with patience and exercise together and have good interpersonal relationships.

▲ Before the crossfit, you have to be good at preparation (Source: Pixar Bay)

Crossfit Precautions

Crossfit is a movement that quickly draws out your stats. Therefore, preparatory work is very important before starting crossfits. You also have to start learning and learning about the ward to do that day. It is important to learn meticulous posture according to the coach's explanation. Crossfit is a movement that works with others, which can lead to competition. Proper competitiveness helps improve athletic performance, but excessive competition can be counterproductive.

Crossfit can get the maximum effect in the shortest time possible.

When starting the crossfit for the first time, it is good to have enough time to adapt to exercise. If you exercise for the first time, your body temperature and heart rate will rise sharply and you may feel severe fatigue. If you repeat similar exercise intensity for 4 to 8 days, the amount of blood increases and the oxygen supply to the body becomes smooth and the exercise becomes easier.

Notes on using a cross-pit mechanism

Use a lot of tools when crossfitting. At this time, Mueller tape is used a lot. This prevents the palm from being peeled off by friction and makes it easier to hold the instrument. You should wear a wrist rest because there is a lot of movement in the crossfit with the use of a barbell.

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