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[Parenting] To overcome ’empty nest syndrome’ after childhood independence


Parents devote their lives to their children. But the child is going to leave his parents someday. When I look at a child who fences off to fence his own life, parents cross the border.

We call the 'empty nest syndrome' the deep sense of loss and loneliness that parents feel when their children go to college or become independent for employment or marriage.

The child's nest escape to their parents is a tremendous change. Some parents are in great pain when the child who is always near is gone. The longer an hour is spent with a child, the greater the affection and love it pours out to the child. It is not so much in the world that a child understands the feelings of parents because they count their parents' minds and make frequent contact.

Parents should pay attention to their feelings when the child leaves the nest. If you feel depressed or get caught up in the sense that life has disappeared, you need to seek professional help. The main causes of empty nest syndrome are dissatisfaction with marriage, excessive commitment to parental role, and personal personality that feels difficult to accommodate change.

Find a different role

Being a parent is a special experience that can not be compared anywhere. Parents, however, are just one of many roles that people live and do. Find a new role you can do, and do. Right now, when the child leaves the nest, it is a good opportunity to pioneer me.

Slowly prepare

Alicia Drummond, a family affairs counselor, said, "Changing the relationship with your child can be a starting point." If you take your child and yourself as one body, you feel pain that seems to cut your chest when the child leaves the nest, I do not feel the pain when I put it. " Experts recommend ways to talk to your child about independence. It can increase the bond of parent and child, and it can be a chance to think more time together.

Restore your relationship with your spouse

The first place for parents is AIDA. Parents tend to neglect their spouses because they focus on their children. Now that the child has left the nest, it is a good opportunity to regain his relationship with his spouse. Eating out or doing outdoor activities will help to strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

Focus on yourself

Let's start what we liked again. You can draw pictures and listen to music. It does not matter what you like. "Outdoors, new friends, and hobbies are helpful in relieving empty nest syndrome because it reduces feelings of loss," said Dr Dimitrios Paschos, a psychiatrist. "It is advisable to make it a little fun in everyday life, rather than just getting involved." .

Stay away from your child.

It is not desirable to treat a child who has fleeed from the nest like before. Even after the child is independent, there is a parent who checks his child's social media daily and calls every morning. Empty nest syndrome does not disappear unless you are away from your child.

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