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[Parenting] Beating the ass, punishment, causing negative behavior in teenage years

Photo Source: Wikimedia

Physical discipline, such as striking a child in the ass, can lead to negative behaviors in teenagers, according to a study.

The results of hitting a hip in one form of corporal punishment were negative for children's development, but there was only a short-term study for less than one year.

Gustavo Carlo, a professor of diversity at the University of Missouri and director of the MU Family Policy Research Center, said, "Long-term research on the link between childcare, temperament and social behavior of children has been limited to a variety of races and low- "He said.

According to the study, an African-American child living in a low-income household is likely to show aggressive behavior in the fifth grade if he is subjected to severe physical punishment in the first 15 months, and is less likely to show compassion and empathy for people.

European American children with the same experience also showed negative feelings such as hypersensitivity reactions.

The researchers found that parents had a significant impact on how they treated their children when they were young, particularly the behavior of African-American children.

"Physical discipline can have a long-term impact, so parents should refrain from doing so," Carlo said. All parents should teach their children early on how to control their behavior if they want to put in positive action. "

The researchers hope to help parents, educators, and other stakeholders understand the welfare and recovery of low-income and diverse children based on their research findings.

The findings were published in developmental psychology.

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