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Parents always want to feed their children with healthy things. However, it is not easy to control bad food such as junk food or bad food in the various advertisements or dramas, and to eat only healthy food. In addition, children tend to prefer foods that are more likely to be called obesity, such as fried pizza or chicken, than healthy foods.

For these children, parents should be able to prepare a diet containing protein, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products and various nutrients to fill the child's deficient nutrients. In addition, food such as sugar-containing products, trans fats and saturated fats should be limited as much as possible.

Influence of malnutrition on children

In fact, young children and teenagers are choosing and choosing processed foods rather than healthy foods. This can have a negative impact on the child in the short to long term. It also leads to weight gain that can lead to complications and obesity, which is called disease. The most common illness in these children is type 2 diabetes. Likewise, it affects the dental health of the oral cavity, and continued eating habits can increase the risk of heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and hypertension.

Iron deficiency also affects a child's IQ. According to a study by the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fruit and vegetable deficiency has been associated with a decline in children's academic performance, and deficiencies in vitamin A, B6, B12, C, iron, zinc, folate, It triggers action.

Healthy Meal Encouragement Law

Participation in 1 child's meal plan

Parents may want to consider increasing their interest by involving their children in the meal plan first to encourage their healthy eating habits. Understand what your child wants, give them a grocery shopping, and interest and interest. Your child's participation in this process of food preparation not only helps maintain health, but also gives you pride by eating your own prepared food.

Sometimes, children give food to their mouths, and sometimes they give a hard meal. At this time, if the child is forced to feed what he does not want to eat, it is not good that the child can cause a rejection until the following evening. It is always good for your child to be able to choose from a variety of snacks, including vegetables and fruits, that he or she wants to eat.

2 Moving away from sugar

In CNN, I have dealt with the strict diet rules of a woman who restricts sugar. Agata Achindura, a 3-year-old woman, is limiting sugar to her children. She always checks food labels on food packaging and does not buy anything with sugar added. He also pointed out that parents should also refrain from bringing home junk food. We can not control the food we eat at school, but we should be able to provide a foundation for health at home. The added sugar is mostly nutrient-free calorie foods that cause hyperactivity, mood disorders, and other complications.

3 Healthy Eating Model

Everything that parents do has an immediate impact on their children. It is because the child imitates and immediately absorbs the behavior of the parent, and the parent has a responsibility to show how to eat healthy so that the child can be healthy. If parents show that they are enjoying healthy food first, it means that children will have a curiosity and a day to ask what they eat.

4 Food is fun

It is good to act creatively. This little effort of the parents can encourage the habit that children can eat well in school. You can enjoy the pleasure of putting vegetables in the beef stew or adding various ingredients to your lunch box. It is also effective to make sure that all the nutrients are completely contained in each food item in the lunch box, and to decorate the characters, including the characters, to make the child's eyes happy.

5 The importance of communication

In fact, encouraging a child to expose and consume healthy foods with natural ingredients is a hard and hard battle that parents must continue to do. But you should not feel it as a battle. It can be a great help to be honest and honest to talk about what happens when a child does not eat vegetables and the importance of healthy eating that he or she gets when eating well. It is also good to discuss all the food choices that your child can eat, which may be the best alternative to carbohydrates and sugars. Once your child begins to understand these areas, he or she may take the habit of eating first, ahead of parental interference.

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