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Toilet training to teach young children is a necessary process for parents. As the baby grows older, it is good for parents to start this training at the right time. Let's learn about toilet training.

Appropriate timing of toilet training

According to the Berrywell family, there are parents who are already training toilets for children aged six months or so. But if you teach how to use the toilet at a very young age, you can think of it as a bad idea. Parents should consider their child's muscle coordination, temperament and perception of the reproductive system.

It is a good idea to wait until the diaper is removed. Until this time comes, the parents should be patient and patient with their children. It is most preferable to start at about 18 months to 3 years old.

You should also keep in mind the number of times your child needs to change diapers. When the baby is 20 months old, she frequently urinates, which means she can control the bladder, which signals that she has entered the physical condition for toilet training. This can also be interpreted to mean that the child has the ability to know the necessity of the toilet and take off his clothes himself. It is important to realize that during this period, the child may feel embarrassed about having put on a diaper.

Toilet training

Finally, if you are in full-fledged toilet training, it is advisable for your parents to be familiar with the various considerations in advance. This is not something that can happen immediately, so it can be successful if the parent is persevering and persevering and persevering.

It is not right to apply pressure or pressure during training. Rather, this behavior can be a factor that prevents the child from using the toilet bowl properly. It is not smart how to cheer or threaten to cheer on the willingness to work in training.

It is also good to explain to your child the benefits of using a toilet potty. To use the bathroom properly is the right thing to do, and to realize that it is mature. This education is a great power because children act based on what they feel in their surroundings.

It is also a good idea to discuss mature and beneficial ways of doing things inside the bathroom. It can also be a way to show your child what you need to do when you use the toilet. It is also not good to beautify the toilet itself into a nice place. It is important to know exactly the purpose of the toilet by conveying only the realistic contents as it is.

At the beginning of the training, the child can be uncomfortable and embarrassed because he uses a different toilet seat than usual. Therefore, you should be able to do toilet training in your home and be prepared to learn safe and comfortable. And it is also good to be able to use it as an implication of the use of the toilet to teach the signal to use the toilet.

When you do not know when to use the toilet, it is effective to dress appropriately to prevent accidents. Such as clothes that do not require buttons or time and effort to be taken before sitting on the toilet. It is also necessary to help them to take off their pants.

Instead of the high toilet seat used by ordinary adults, children should be taught to use toilet bowls, and children should not be complimented when they use toilet bowls properly. This will motivate your child to do better next time. It is important to remind you that you are always proud of your child.

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