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On a Sunday night when a week begins, things to do for the coming week do not leave their heads.

It is a series of the same repeats every week. I walk to work, face the same faces, sit down, check thousands of e-mails, sit down and gaze at my computer monitor.

In the past few years, I have gained some unquestionably helpful knowledge about attending the same company, acquiring friends, and performing my assigned positions. Still, the unanswered question is whether you are really satisfied with your current job.

If not, there are some indications that can not be denied that it is time to change.

First, whether or not the present job is adversely affecting your health.

If you are tired of going to work every day, living with a headache, having difficulty concentrating, anxiety, and other stress conditions you have not felt before you start work, this is evidence that your current job is adversely affecting your health .

It is only for the second paycheck.

Of course, it is true that money can not be earned for living a day. However, personal happiness may not be as great as a high salary.

Most of the business hours are boring and wait for the weekend. If you are constantly blurring a daydream that depicts yourself in another job, even if you make a lot of money, you are not satisfied with your current job.

Third, whether you are passionate about your current job or not

The excitement and enthusiasm that I had only when I started work almost disappears now.

In this case, you may have realized that the job is not right for you. Your boss may be ignoring most of the ideas your subordinates include. If you are experiencing these situations, you may be looking for alternatives other than your current job.

Fourth, whether or not you always complain loudly about your current job.

If you do not complain about everything about your current job, such as your boss, your workplace, your company's system, your work colleagues, your workplace itself, and you are unaware that you are becoming a negative person, to be.

If any of the above is true, it is time to look for a change. Here are some tips for successful turnover:

First, the rediscovery of passion

"Is this what I really want? Am I good at it? If so, do I have an intention to take the next step to further develop my skills? "

Discover your own strengths and passions. When evaluating yourself, it is good to pay attention to your strengths and write your resume.

In the job interview for the new job, explain why you want to leave the job and explain why you are most suitable for the position you want to leave.

Second, research is needed.

If you find out what your strengths and unfamiliar skills you can develop in the future, you should know through the internet or other people in your field to get important information about your strengths.

It is a good idea to leave your resume to review your resume and your previous work experience (only applicable) and listen for feedback. This is a great help.

Third, your skill test

It is also good to take on freelance tasks or short-term assignments to test your skills.

This will help you decide which areas are right for your new field, and the network you will be working on in the short term may help you move to the area you want to turn over.

The first start of turnover may not be easy because it requires leaving places and people we have known over the past few years. On the other hand, turnover is an opportunity for a new beginning and an opportunity to grow oneself in other areas.

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