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Many parents usually spend their time with children at playgrounds near the house. Playgrounds are the most comfortable place for children to find fun while being active. However, it can not be seen safely. Indeed, according to statistics, there are about 200,000 injuries and accidents related to playgrounds. Especially, you should pay attention to the materials, design and design used in playgrounds. There are various risk factors that are not easy to see such as sharp edges hidden in play equipment. When parents spend time in the playground with their children, it is good to check the safety factor for the child and prepare for any unexpected accidents through careful observation.

Slide, should not you ride together?

On the way, you can often see parents who come down the slides with their children in the playground. This is the parents' mind to protect the child, but in reality it does not help at all. If you sit down on the parents' knees and ride down the slides, more acceleration is applied. This is dangerous because it can emit additional speed and power, allowing the child's limbs or feet to get caught on the edge of the slide or backward.

In fact, there are only 352,698 children in the United States who have suffered a lower body fracture when they sit on their parents' knees. These injuries are the most common symptom of childhood injuries to hospitals.

Ultimately, the safest play is for the children to come down on their own slides. The playground slide itself is designed to fit the weight and size of the children, so it is best for children to use it on their own.

Hot surface

The playground equipment on the playground is made of metal, and most of the plastic, asphalt, and paint on the surface. Exposure to such materials in direct sunlight can cause serious injury to children.

In the case of children climbing on the slides in the sunshine, they can get burned by two degrees. Parents are advised to wear long sleeves, long pants, and shoes on a sunny day. And it is better to wear dark clothes as dark because clothes of dark colors absorb more sun and wavelength than bright colors.

The best way is for parents to test the heat from the slide first. Make sure your child can play only if he or she judges that he has enough heat to play with, and if it feels too hot, it is wise to avoid sunshine peak times.

S Hook and small crevice and hole

S-shaped hooks from the surface of the rides often pull the child's clothes while the children are riding the rides. If you are around your neck, you may get a dangerous situation when your clothes get pulled and you get sick. Especially when you jump, the sharp tip of the bolt protruding from the periphery can cause bruises or scratches. In addition, a child's fingers can be caught in small crevices or holes, and other parts of the body may be scratched. If all these defects are found, it is a good idea to ask the local authority for any inconvenience without delay.

Ladders and nets

Children prefer activities that take ladders or nets and climb higher. At the same time, however, the rope constituting the net may be a dangerous element to choke the child. This is because the head or body can be caught between the gaps between the rope and the rope, and parents should be able to confirm that the rope is tightly woven so that it does not catch on the child's body.

Playground flooring

As you know, asphalt and concrete are not shock absorbers. However, lawns and dirt on the floor of the playground do not absorb more impact. The safest device for a child should be rubber, sand, wood chips, or plant mulch, at least 30 cm from the floor. This is the minimum standard to prevent injuries. It is also good to check for obstacles, high platforms, and ramps that may hurt when dropped from the rides.

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