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[Parenting] Why and why siblings fight each other

Photo: PEXEL

It is very common for brothers and sisters in childhood to argue for small things. They seem to be good at keeping each other, but when they turn around, they fight.

It would be hard for parents to get angry and frustrated to see their children fighting each other.

Parents with multiple children, however, need to know what causes their siblings to fight, and how to handle them when a fight takes place.

Competition between brothers and sisters begins before the second child is born. When two or more children grow up together, they fight each other with limited parental attention and toys.

This is because children spend more time with their siblings than with their parents, and the way parents treat their children during the growth period, the order in which they are born, the family atmosphere and personality differences affect the relationship between siblings . It turns out that brothers and sisters are more likely to fight each other when their age is not much different, sex is the same, and both are brighter.

Another reason why children are fighting each other is when one of them needs special protection and more parental attention because of illness or intelligence.

In this case, a child who is relatively less protected and less interested may feel jealous of the other child and will try to take some action to take the parent's attention.

Aside from this fact, parents sometimes compare their children to each other, in which case they try to compete for everything from parents' love to school grades.

If the sibling rivalry can not be resolved in childhood, it can lead to abuse between siblings who are usually abusing physical abuse or verbal abuse against a younger child.

In this case, a child who has been abused by a brother or sister can show self-harmful behavior and, in severe cases, can end up hurt each other.

Parents have a great responsibility not only for their children to grow up well, but also for staying well together. Parents, therefore, should refrain from paying attention to only one of them, no matter how different they are.

You also need to focus on one child so that they can realize that they are valuable to their parents.

If you already have one child and are expecting a second birth, your first child should also be involved in accepting the second child as a family member. In this process, the first child accepts the second child as an object to be protected, not as a competitor.

Of course, not all brothers and sisters just fight. Whatever the circumstances of a sibling relationship, you should learn to love each other as a family.

Parents should also be positive for their children by showing positive attitudes at home, and the children they learn will grow up, maintain a positive attitude, and give their children a positive attitude.

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