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Photo Source: Wikimedia

Birds in the United States usually return to their nesting habitat in western New York or farther north from early June. June is the season when almost all birds start to nest.

In May this year, the weather in the United States was cooler than usual and the rain was much lower, so there were not as many hummingbirds as usual.

Hummingbirds do not know how long they will stay in the warm south until the weather gets warmer. Anyway, as the spring comes and the summer comes, the birds will fly more actively.

The Baltimore Orioles are busy gathering food, including grape jelly, citrus, sugar water, peanuts and even oil. It was cooler than the original weather, because many insects did not appear.

But once you get used to other food, it will appear more often in the summer. When a pair of oranges begins to appear in one place, other oranges soon find the place.

The ori has already turned its nest. If you look closely at the area they are flying in, you will find a pocket-shaped nest hanging in the shade of branches.

The orchard orchid is also actively nesting. These birds are much darker and less visible. The only evidence that these birds are active is because males can hear the sound of birds flying from trees to trees.

You can easily find these birds if you listen to the singing of orchard Oriole. Sometimes I come near people. Their feathers are of brick color.

Mockingbirds also gather food and nest at this time. In early spring, thrush weeds and red controversy appear. The brownbirds also came to eat the food they sprinkled. Many birds enjoyed the spring weather.

Bluebirds are also busy building nests. Some birds have made a nice nest, but other birds have failed to make their first nest and are building a second nest.

In the middle of May, it was rainy and the temperature was low, so many birds had difficulty finding enough food to feed their young.

If you leave a box near the house where the birds can be used as a nest, then luckily the blue bird may come and play the nest.

If the nest built in the box fails, the bird will come back and build a nest. Otherwise, move to another location.

If a sparrow uses a box, the nest should be removed even if there is an egg in the nest. If you're sorry to get rid of the nest, take it out of the box and put it down on the ground. Sparrows are the natural enemies of bluebirds and contribute to the reduction of bluebird populations.

The red-bellied bellows also started to show their appearance again. By mid-May these birds did not come to the place where they originally appeared, so they gathered people's curiosity. These birds gathered crops such as dandelion seeds in vast fields.

When the time for dandelion to bloom and seed is over, the red-bellied bellflower returns to the area where it originally popped. By this time, they will appear in groups. Throughout spring and summer, plants also grow.

Until August, plants produce a lot of delicious seeds. So the bellbirds do not build nests until late summer because they collect food. Maybe it will be the only bird that does not nest until late summer.

Summer is a great time to see the different actions of birds in the garden or elsewhere. If you go into the forest for a while, you will see a busy nest of bryphs, scales and geese. If you spend time observing birds, you will be rewarded. It is a beautiful and great nature.

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