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Raising a child is never easy. In particular, raising twins can be more difficult. Bringing two healthy children is a blessing, but raising two children is a completely different matter.

Statistics show that 100 women in the United States give birth to twins or triplets. The birth of twins is in fact the trend of today.

Raising twins means that you should actually provide diapers, clothes, and food twice as much. However, this problem does not last for long. In fact, it is usually the first 2-3 years after giving birth because it makes twins feel particularly hard.

Jennifer Walker, a pediatric nurse in Atlanta, USA, and co-author of the "Mother's Guide to Baby Care" is a twin's mother. She jokes that the intensity of twin raising is fierce enough to be a 'survival mode'.

In addition, Natalie Diaz, author of 'What to Do When Raising Twins', says, "Raising twins is not twice as hard as raising a child. It's more than that. "

Walker and Diaz advised that having a twin would be a challenge, especially for parents with a first child, but it is not good to be scared more than necessary.

They also said that if they knew that they were twins at a certain point in their pregnancy, they would need to rearrange their houses to prepare for the children to clutter and run.

That means that everything in the house must be ready for the child.

Walker initially said that the struggle with the twins was also a struggle against time. She said, "The two kids will be in a completely different time zone," she said. "When a child wakes up and talks, one child will try to eat.

Also, "It is hard to see a child when you are a newborn baby. However, if they are twins, everything should be done according to a fixed schedule. "He advised them to feed the children at the same time, to get them at the same time and get them up at the same time and give them habits."

The financial problem of buying anything two can be more beneficial as the twins age.

On the other hand, a baby bed may cost a little more. If you are financially afraid, it may be the first time you buy a baby bed and put it together while the twins are still newborn babies.

Some twins become accustomed to sleeping together, so you can put two people together in a bed until your child is older.

Walker said, "At first, twins can be put on the same bed." "It is better for children to sleep together until they have to spend their children's beds because the children sleep better when they know someone else is nearby." said.

It is also common for twin parents to dress children's clothes in a similar way. However, some twin parents prefer to dress differently. A twin mother in Westport, USA, advises that "it will be easier to dress the twin daughters' clothes the same way around, but in reality it is more effective in nurturing because it can quickly distinguish between two children."

It may sound a bit funny, but it is also possible to breastfeed two children at the same time. Walker said he also had breastfeeding twins at the same time.

"If you breastfeed your twins, you can feed two children at the same time," Walker said. "But we need precise coordination and patience in this process." Walker confessed that he was breastfeeding two people at once and felt that he felt good.

As the twins grow, it is important for parents to recognize that they are similar in appearance, but that their personality or disposition is two completely different.

Some parents consider leaving twins to nurseries or hiring nurses. Of course, in the case of twins, the cost is doubled, and this financial situation can be stressful.

However, educational psychologist Michele Borba said, "It may be better to leave the children to the nursery or to hire the nurse in the course of time, rather than to be stressed by the twins alone."

Of course, parents may be confused if they find out that the first twins have been brought up. But eventually you will get used to living as a twin parent, and you will realize that raising twins is not a bad thing at all.

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